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Starbucks Ghost Kitchen

Quick and Efficient Delivery is one of the top priorities of Starbucks.

Therefore, the administration has decided to launch Starbucks ghost kitchen programs in different parts of the world.

Currently, they’re willing to target bigger markets like U.S and China but they’re dedicated to growing their services in this category.

They’ve already established their kitchens in different cities in the United States and they’re planning to set up the kitchens in all cities by the end of the year 2020.

Starbucks confirmed to Nation’s Restaurant News that it is testing these ghost kitchens via a partnership with Alibaba in the latter’s Hema supermarket locations. “Starbucks is the first retail brand to establish dedicated back-of-house kitchens, Star Kitchens, within Alibaba’s Hema supermarkets in China,” a Starbucks representative told NRN.Ghost kitchens, which have no front of house, are primarily used for fulfilling delivery orders.

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The surprising part is that they’re going to establish more than 1,000 Starbucks ghost kitchens in different cities in China.

Starbucks Ghost Kitchen

So, it’s an interesting news for those who want to start an affiliate program with reputable brands.

If you’ve experience working in a Starbucks, you can become a part of their ghost kitchen program by sharing your details.

Starting Starbucks Ghost Kitchen

Although Starbucks hasn’t launched the affiliation project on a large scale because they know that they’d get plenty of applications from people.

This facility is only available for those who have already worked with them over a specific period.

The process of joining their ghost kitchen campaign isn’t really difficult if you understand how Starbucks actually works.

Here is the information about how you can start the Starbucks ghost kitchens with the permission of relevant authorities.

Sending the Application

Starbucks application

Starbucks assigns an account to the users when they join the affiliate program.

The managers and owners can use this account to stay connected to the center and they can stay updated about the recent changes through this account.

If you’re willing to join the ghost kitchen program, you can use this account to send an application.

The application form can be accessed from the dashboard that you usually use to contact the support.

Here you’d provide information about how long you’ve been associated with Starbucks and which market you’re willing to target under the ghost kitchen program.


Application is then forwarded to the relevant department and they check all the details to make sure whether you’re eligible for the Starbucks ghost kitchen or not.

Once the information is verified, the application is forwarded to the application team so they may continue the process.

Detailed Inspection

The inspection team comes to visit the premises where you’re planning to run your operations.

They will take a look at whether you’ve designed the building according to legal standards or not.

They will also check the quality of equipment you’re willing to use for the ghost kitchen.

Final Decision

WOrking in Starbucks

The details are then forwarded to the authorities so they may make the final decision.

If your application is accepted, the team will send you an email guiding you about the steps you need to follow before launching your Starbucks ghost kitchen.

But if the application is rejected, they will provide you with the reasons so you may make the required changes before reapplying for the program.

You can also contact the customer support to gather information about how you can qualify for the Starbucks ghost kitchen program.

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