Ghost Kitchen Credit Card Machine3 min read

Ghost Kitchen Credit Card Machine

Choosing the Best Ghost Kitchen Credit Card Machine isn’t just about buying the terminal but there are several other things involved.

In today’s world, you cannot think of running a business without a credit card machine because most of the people do not prefer carrying cash with them.

So, if you want to entertain these customers without any problem, you must consider buying a suitable credit card machine for your business.


The problem is that people often face problems with making a decision when they’re buying the ghost kitchen credit card machine for the first time.

The basic features of all the credit card machines are almost the same but when you dig deeper, you find out that some machines have some additional features compared to others.

In this situation, people often need someone’s opinion for making the right decision for their business.

In a novel effort to scale the growing trends of mobile order-ahead (MOA) and order-to-eat (OTE), ghost kitchens are a story of “right time, right place,” as they have fulfilled much of the demand for restaurant delivery orders during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, despite their utility and consumer value, ghost kitchens might be headed for a market correction.


Best Ghost Kitchen Credit Card Machines

Here is the list of best Ghost Kitchen Credit Card Machines we’ve found after a lot of research.


iZettle is an excellent credit card machine for ghost kitchens as it accepts a wide range of credit and debit cards.

You can get this machine for only $45 and there are no additional fees ones you’ve purchased this machine.

It means you won’t even have to worry about the monthly fees. Many restaurants and small businesses are already using this machine for receiving payments.

Now, ghost kitchens have also started taking advantage of this machine to expand their business.

You can even install the iZettle App into your smartphone or tablet to collect payments remotely.

Ingenico iCT220

Ingenico iCT220If you’re looking for an all-around countertop card terminal, Ingenico can be an excellent option for your business.

This machine is made of heavy-duty material due to which it doesn’t break even if it fells on the ground from the height.

The crystal-clear backlit keypad enables you to enter details even in the low light conditions.

This ghost kitchen credit card machine can also be used to receive smartphone payments.

This credit card machine can be integrated with most of the POS systems which mean you can track all the payments without any hassle.

Paypal Here

The ghost kitchens can also take advantage of the Paypal Here to receive payments from the customers.Paypal Here

The best thing about using this credit card reader is that you get the funds transferred to your accounts within no time.

Obviously, you can integrate this card reader to your Paypal account to receive payments.

This card reader is compatible with both Google Play and Apple Pay. It means you can use your smartphone to receive payment through this card reader.

Worldpay Reader

Worldpay ReaderWorldPay reader can also be used as a ghost kitchen credit card machine if you’re looking for a mobile system.

You can get the Worldpay reader for just $45 and it comes with a 12-month warranty.

If you didn’t like the different features of this card reader, you can simply return it to the manufacturer.

And’s that all about some of the best Ghost Kitchen Credit Card Machines which are available out on the market.

If you too are thinking of owning a Ghost Kitchen and are confused on how to set it up, then worry not as we have the best articles available to help you out here.