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POSit Ghost Kitchen Management Software

So, you’ve recently come to know about the POSit Ghost Kitchen Management Software and now you want to find out if it’s the right choice for your business or not.

We’ve used this software for a few weeks to get a clear idea of features ghost kitchens can enjoy with it.

POSit Ghost Kitchen Management Software

Most of its features are similar to the ones offered by some other ghost kitchen management software products.

But it also comes with some unique features that cannot be found elsewhere.

POSist is the best restaurant management software that provides an end-to-end solution for all types of restaurants and food outlets such as integrated order-taking and billing, inventory control, CRM, and real-time reporting.


Features of POSit Ghost Kitchen Management Software

We believe you must take a look at the features of this software if you’re trying to choose the best ghost kitchen management software.

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Centralized Order Taking

When you’re running your business from different locations, it gets difficult to assign the orders.

First of all, you need to find the location of the customer and then get in touch with the food truck that is providing service in that area.

The problem is that you cannot share the contact numbers of different food trucks because it gets difficult for new customers to find the food truck that is working in their nearby area.

It’s your responsibility to make sure that you connect the customer to the food truck that can serve them within no time.

Instead of doing things manually, you can start using the POSit Ghost Kitchen Management Software.

This software enables you to take all the orders from one platform and then you can pass the order to the relevant location with just a single click.

Manage Multiple Brand Tabs

The most prominent feature of the POSit Ghost Kitchen Management software is that you can manage multiple brand tabs from a single control panel.

Tracking the orders gets really difficult when you’re managing different brand tabs.

In most cases, you’d need to hire extra employees to manage different tabs. But you can now get this done with the unique feature of this software.

With a single click, you can accept orders from the customers on different brand tabs and you can also track these orders quite efficiently.

Inventory Management

Like many other software products, POSit Ghost Kitchen Management software also enables you to keep a track of your stock requirements.

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Using the inventory management tab, you can set reminders for different items so you may not run out of any item in the future.

Sales Management

Sales Management is one of the basic requirements of every ghost kitchen and you can easily do it with the POSit Ghost Kitchen Management Software.

You can easily create an estimate of the time required to prepare and deliver the meal.

This feature can also be used to recognize the source that is allowing you to secure more orders.

Thus, you can start paying more attention to that particular platform.

Mobile Reporting

You can use POSit Ghost Kitchen Management Software to check the reports anywhere you want.

You can install the app into your smartphone and connect it to your main account.

The app shows live reports of sales and orders in the form of graphical charts.

It’s a great Cloud Kitchen Management App that deals with all the statistical analysis which is required to run a professional Ghost Kitchen perfectly.

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