Increase Ghost Kitchen Orders3 min read

Increase Ghost Kitchen Orders

It’s hard to increase Ghost Kitchen Orders,  isn’t it?

Not anymore because we are here to give you some advice on how you can increase the orders of your ghost kitchens within a few weeks.

These are tried and tested methods we’ve learned from ghost kitchen owners operating in different parts of the world.

The best part is that these methods aren’t limited to a specific country. So, you can use these methods in any part of the world.

Hopefully, you’d experience a significant boost in your sales after implementing these methods.

Tips to Increase Ghost Kitchen Orders

Ghost kitchens (also known as dark kitchens and virtual kitchens) trim the costs of real estate, labor and menu innovation by condensing the restaurant model to accommodate off-premise food sales without a traditional dine-in space. Instead of seating guests indoors, deliveries made by the restaurant or by a third-party service are the mainstay.

-Restaurant Business

Now, without any delay, let’s take a look at the tips you can use to increase the orders of your ghost kitchen.

Increase Ghost Kitchen Orders

Effective Marketing Strategy

Some ghost kitchen owners do not prefer spending money on marketing as they believe that the food delivery platforms are enough for promoting their services.

They believe that the customers will automatically find information about their services while they’re exploring the food delivery apps.

But that’s not an effective option for all customers. Just imagine, your potential customer has never heard of a food delivery app.

So, how would they be able to find your ghost kitchen? It means you need to reach out to them on the platforms they like to use the most.

Social media is definitely the best place to start your game because everyone uses social media for fun and entertainment.

You need to launch an effective social media campaign based on your targeted audience.

It’s an amazing way to increase ghost kitchen orders because people go crazy about placing an order when they hear about a new idea. And ghost kitchen is obviously a new idea for many customers.

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Take help from Digital Influencers

The digital influencers have a huge audience. We’re not just talking about social media influencers but you can also take help from influencers who are running their own sites and blogs.

You need to look for influencers that have an audience similar to yours.

The users would definitely try your service at least once when they came to know that their favorite celebrity uses your services.

And you can definitely turn them into a long term customer by providing top quality service.

Offer Special Discounts


You can also offer some special discounts to increase ghost kitchen orders.

Although the competition isn’t too high in this industry, you’re still competing with an industry (the restaurant industry) that already has a great reputation.

So, you need to introduce some attractive offers so that that customer may try your services.

The best part is that you can easily offer amazing discounts because your expenses are much lower than the traditional restaurants.

Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing has always been a great way to boost your sales. If you also want to increase ghost kitchen orders, you must offer some discounts to your customers for referring your services to others.

You’d definitely be able to increase ghost kitchen orders if you implemented this strategy wisely.

Hey, that’s what we have to increase Ghost Kitchen Orders.  If you like to read more on topics related to Ghost Kitchens, you are at the right place.

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