Ghost Kitchen Point of Sale System3 min read

Ghost Kitchen Point of Sale System

If you want to find the most reliable Ghost Kitchen Point of Sale System for your business, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve analyzed a number of software products to prepare this information for you.

Hopefully, it will help you with choosing the best option for your business.

Want to get your feet wet and see if the ghost kitchen model is a sustainable option for your restaurant, without completely overhauling your existing operations? Try shutting down in-house meal service one night a week for a month and only fulfill phone or online orders. Advertise this shift across all of your marketing channels and offer deals for participation; for existing customers, offer rewards via your customer loyalty program to entice their participation. Let them know that this is just a test, and that your restaurant will be resuming regularly scheduled programming the next month.

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Ghost Kitchen Point of Sale System


Touchbistro is the best ghost kitchen point of sale system you can use to manage the day-to-day operations.

This pos system is specifically designed for ghost kitchens and restaurants.TouchBistro

There are thousands of restaurants around the world that are using this POS system for their daily operations.

And now it’s getting popular among the ghost kitchens that are entering this industry.

This Point of sale system comes with some amazing features allowing you to manage your inventory and staff in a better way.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy for new users to understand the software without any hassle.

It means you won’t have to spend hours explaining the different features of this software to a new employee.

No matter whether you’re running a small ghost kitchen or chain of ghost kitchens, this software won’t leave you alone.

Menu Management, Bill Splitting, Loyalty Programs, and VIP community Network are some remarkable features of this tool.

Square POS

Square POSSquare POS is another amazing ghost kitchen point of sale system particularly designed for ghost kitchens.

The basic ghost kitchen software package enables you to manage the inventory, menu, and layout.

You’d get to use plenty of amazing features with this POS system such as Menu Customization, Per-Item Sales Tracking, Strong Analytics, Layout Management, and Customer Feedback.

Once the free trial is over, you’d have to pay $60/month to continue using this pos without any disturbance.

This point of sale system is considered to be ideal for mid-size and large size ghost kitchens.

Over the years, Square POS has earned a great position in the market. So, you can consider using it for your ghost kitchen without any doubts.

Lightspeed Ghost Kitchen POS

Lightspeed Ghost Kitchen POSThis is one of the leading ghost kitchen point of sale systems you can confidently use for your business.

The best thing about this pos is that you can easily connect it to the popular ghost kitchen apps.

It means you can easily add employee scheduling, loyalty programs, and other useful features with this software.

You are even allowed to customize this point of sale system based on your needs.

Menu Management, Kitchen Display, Reporting and Analytics, and Integration Library are the stunning features of this point of sale system.

You can get all these features for a price of $69 per month. You can even take the free trial to test the features of this ghost kitchen point of sale system.

Upserve POS

Upserve is also one of the best ghost kitchen point of sale systems that comes with incredible features like online order management, bill splitting, offline functionality, and training mode.

Tracking the sales and inventory also gets a lot easier with this software.

The easy-to-understand dashboard lets you manage all the business processes more conveniently.

The name of this point of sale system suggests that it’s particularly designed for ghost kitchens and restaurants.

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