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ghost kitchen design

It’s an admitted fact that the Ghost Kitchen Design is a bit different from the traditional restaurants.

You won’t have to design a dining hall, drive-thru area, or a parking space when setting up the ghost kitchen design.

The virtual restaurants are just focused on delivering food to the customer’s home instead of serving them in the premises.

So, it’s important to look for elements that can help with continuing your processes.

If you didn’t focus on these elements while setting up the design for your ghost kitchen, you’d end up wasting plenty of money for no reason.

This article talks about the elements that are important for running a ghost kitchen without any problem.

Unfortunately,  there aren’t enough design ideas available for setting up an amazing virtual kitchen.

But you can create your own ideas to make your ghost kitchen unique and functional as well.

Ghost Kitchen Design

Although you won’t entertain customers in the kitchen, you should still carefully choose the Ghost Kitchen Design because it will help you while you’re dealing with the legal aspects.


The kitchen is the center point of every ghost kitchen because this is where all the magic takes place.

In traditional restaurants, the kitchen is designed right behind the dining area so that the waiters may quickly grab the food from the kitchen and deliver it to the table.


Historically, restaurant referred only to places that provided tables where one ate while seated, typically served by a waiter. Following the rise of fast food and take-out restaurants, a retronym for the older “standard” restaurant was created, sit-down restaurant. – Wikipedia

But that’s not the case with a ghost kitchen because ghost kitchens don’t provide the dine-in facility.

So, the kitchen is the only aspect that requires serious attention when you’re working on a virtual restaurant model.

Ventilation System

The kitchen needs to have an efficient ventilation system so that the customers may not feel exhausted while working in the ghost kitchen.

The reason why it’s important to include the ventilation system in the ghost kitchen design is that it continuously takes the warm air out of the kitchen and keeps the environment cool and comfortable for your employees.

Dry Storage

Ghost Kitchen Dry Storage is one of the basic needs of a cloud kitchen because you cannot offer fresh food to the customers if you don’t have dry storage in your kitchen.

You can keep all the ingredients stored in the dry storage so you may use them as soon as a customer places the order.

The dry storage needs to be set up away from the heating area because it can’t work properly if it’s surrounded by the heat all the time.


If you aren’t already associated with the food business, you need to know that the restaurants and ghost kitchens need to have a dedicated space for dishwasher.

ghost kitchen design

If you’re thinking of installing the regular dishwasher in your ghost kitchen it won’t help you at all.

The ghost kitchens need to have a 3 compartment dishwasher that can be used to wash the dishes quickly and efficiently.

So, you must leave enough space for the dishwasher so you may not face any trouble while installing it.


Your employees will have to use the restroom while working in the ghost kitchen.

therefore, you must include the Restrooms in your ghost kitchen design while you’re setting up the ghost kitchen.

If you didn’t include it earlier, you’d have to add it after a few days of launch because it’s one of the basic necessities.