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Ele.me Ghost Kitchen Company

Ele.me Ghost Kitchen Company is one of the best names in the league of virtual kitchens in China.

China is a huge market where you can make a lot of profit if you’ve targeted the right market.

Ele.me discovered this amazing opportunity back in 2008 and they didn’t let it go.

Initially, they started providing services at a very small scale because they were targeting a limited market at the time.

Ele.me Ghost Kitchen Company

With the passage of time, they realized that they can make more profits with this industry.

So, they started expanding their business throughout China to facilitate as many people as they can.

Ele.me is an online-to-offline (O2O) catering and food delivery platform in ChinaÈle me?饿了么?roughly means “Hungry now?” in Chinese. It was founded by Mark Zhang and Jack Kang in Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2008 and now is developed and operated by Lazhasi Network Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD.

Eleme Inc, Wikipedia

Understanding Ele.me Ghost Kitchen Company

The truth about China is that people spend the most part of the day in their workplaces and they rarely get time to prepare food.

Delivery Boy of China

Ele.me ghost kitchen company decided to provide a solution to these workers so they may continue enjoying healthy food while managing their day to day responsibilities.

Ele.me ghost kitchen company has a different customer base compared to other international ghost kitchen companies.

They do not only collect food from the restaurants and ghost kitchens but they have also registered those small food shops that operate on a very small scale.

The reason why a huge number of businesses have joined them over a short period of time is that they charge a very limited amount for their services.

They have built a strong network of restaurants and food businesses throughout China.

No matter which part of China you’re in, you can open the official app of Ele.me and get the food delivered at your doorstep.

It’s a fact that Alibaba Group purchased this business in 2018 because they figured out how profitable it can be in the future.

They made certain improvements to the platform after purchasing it. They are now expanding it to other parts of the world.

They’d probably start serving your area within the next few years because they’re taking firm steps to expand their business worldwide.

How to Order food from Ele.me?

The process of ordering food from Ele.me Ghost Kitchen company is a bit similar to other ghost kitchen companies.

First of all, you need to create an account on their official app. You’d have to submit basic information like your name, contact number, and location while registering the account.

Once the account is registered, you can start ordering food from the restaurants associated with Ele.me.

When you open the app, you can either enter your current location manually or you can use the GPS system to enter the location.

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The app will automatically show the information about restaurants that are providing services in that area.

Now, you need to choose the food items you’re willing to eat. The app will show information about the restaurants that are serving those items in your area.

You can see the reviews of the restaurants before ordering food from them.

When you press the “Place Order” button, you’d have to make the payment.

The payment can be made through the card you attached to your account while creating the account.

After the payment, the estimated delivery time will start appearing on your screen.

When the food is delivered, you can leave a review of the service provider if you want.

So that’s about Ele.me Ghost Kitchen Company. If you want to read more about Ghost Kitchens, click on this link here.

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