Decrease Negative Ghost Kitchen Reviews3 min read

Decrease Negative Ghost Kitchen Reviews

Do you want to decrease negative ghost kitchen reviews?

Don’t you think it’s important to find the reason why customers have published those reviews? The good news is you’d find an answer to both these questions in this article.

We know how difficult it is for you to grow your business with those negative reviews.

The customers are very intelligent these days.

Although some traditional restaurants don’t pay attention to the negative reviews, they matter a lot for ghost kitchen owners because they’re serving an audience that takes a look at the reviews before placing an order.

Decrease Negative Ghost Kitchen Reviews

Why would someone post a negative review?

Before we share the tips to decrease negative ghost kitchen reviews, let’s take a look at why a customer would leave a negative review about your services.

Reviews can be critical to a restaurant’s success. It’s all about staying on top of both good and bad reviews to avoid losing current customers and to be able to attract new ones. Remember to not take reviews personally, and to see them as a learning opportunity.

Everyone will have an opinion, but when your restaurant’s reputation is at stake, it’s important to rise above and remember to keep your customers happy and returning.


Poor Taste

The taste matters a lot when a customer is ordering food from a ghost kitchen.

If you’re unable to meet their demand, they’d definitely leave a negative review of your services.

And it may prevent future customers from placing an order.

Bad customer Support

Customer support matters the most even if you’re running a ghost kitchen.

The customers require a quick response from the ghost kitchen. Some customers often need to know the status of their order and some need extra information about a specific meal before placing an order.

If you don’t have a customer support team, you’d probably lose that customer or the customer will leave a negative review of your services. In both cases, you’d have to bear financial damage.

Slow Delivery Service

Another reason why customers leave a negative review is that the ghost kitchens fail to meet their requirements in terms of quick delivery.

Why would a customer order food from you if you’re offering a slow delivery service.

How to Decrease Negative Ghost Kitchen Reviews?

Now that you’ve understood the basic reasons why customers leave a negative review of your service, it’s time to talk about methods you can use to decrease negative ghost kitchen reviews. So, let’s get started.

new types of platforms
new types of platforms

Pay attention to the customers

If a customer has left a negative review of your service, it means you need to make some changes to your service.

You need to go through what the customers have complained about in their review and then make changes to your services accordingly.

Even if a single customer has published a negative review of your service, you must find out if you can make any changes to your services.

Engage with the customer

enaging with customersAnother important way to decrease negative ghost kitchen reviews is to engage with the customer and ask them about how you can solve their problem.

Sometimes, the customer gets satisfied when the businesses provide an efficient response to them.

The customer would happily change their review if they realized that you’ve made changes according to their requirements.

Ask them for another chance

If you’ve made changes based on the customer’s concerns, you can ask them to try your services again.

We bet they’d agree upon removing their previous review if they liked your services. So, you need to try this strategy to decrease negative ghost kitchen reviews.

So that’s all the steps to decrease negative ghost kitchen reviews for your restaurant.

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