Dark Kitchen Concept3 min read

Dark Kitchen Concept

Dark Kitchen Concept

Modern innovations are created to ease and simplify the life of human beings.

Such type of modern innovation includes the Dark Kitchen Concept.

Although being quite new it int the market, it is one of the most sought after and profit-making startups to function.

Dark Kitchen Concept: What are its other names

It can be expressed in many forms, like ghost kitchen or virtual kitchen, but the idea is simple.

Orders in Delivery Out. To elaborate on the Dark Kitchen Concept you can just think that its a business model that only works as delivery-only restaurants. An easy way to think of it is like those drive-by food stalls.

One must also note that this Dark Kitchen concept has been soo popular that modern-day business is blooming with this.

New-Delhi based Lite Bite Foods, which runs restaurants such as Punjab Grill, Pino’s Pizza, and Zambar, said it will add at least 20 dark kitchens in this financial year to expand its business

Suneera Tandon,LiveMint

Dark Kitchen Concept: The Business Models

There aren’t many but these are probably some of the best business models to go along with the Dark Kitchen Concept.

Dark Kitchen Concept

1.The Basic method: The traditional way to earn with this concept is to own or rent a single kitchen without offering any dining room and using that one kitchen as an income source for the whole business by employing people or relying on delivery channels to handle orders and deliveries.

This can be considered as a single brand channel.

2. Multi Brand Business Concept: This can easily be said as operating multiple brands under one main or core kitchen.

This type of business model can be successful if the brands offer a different style of cuisine and have their own unique appeal in the market.

In order to make this type of  Dark kitchen concept successful.

It is required to have user data based on local demands of the type of cuisines.

3. Aggregator owned dark Kitchen: These are those Delivery aggregated channels that help on the set up their own Dark Kitchen.

For offering, the channels provide empty kitchen space with minimal infrastructure to help build the restaurant business to rent.

This model is good for people that only want to handle the cooking of the food and nothing else. However, since aggregators get a lot of requests by people wanting to own a dark kitchen.

You may be in a small kitchen along with other kitchens in one larger kitchen area that are also doing the business as you.

4. Outsourced Dark Kitchen: This is a new type of business model where a restaurant setup can be easily outsourced to any or every process, leaving the finishing touches

This mode is done in partnership with another business that also specialized in food preparations and takeaway orders. So the final seller is minimally involved in the whole cooking process.

Basically this is like investing in a dark kitchen to do the work for you and you ripping the profit.

5.TakeAway Dark Kitchen :  These are also like the traditional Dark Kitchen Concept.

The only catch here is that it also hosts customers in addition to offering delivery. Not to dine but they can wait for their food and pick it up by themselves.

This is a nice initiative to followup.




So that’s all about the Dark Kitchen Concept.

If you are someone new tor willing to dive into this field, our set of instructions will definitely be helpful to you.

In spite of all the process, the main goal does rely on the owner whose persuasion and dedication speaks for itself.

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