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ANSUL system Ghost Kitchen

As a business owner, your top priority is to protect your investment. Fire is an ever-present thread in most food-related businesses. An ANSUL system Ghost Kitchen would be the right fit to protect your business from any unpleasant situation.

There can be a number of different precautionary measures that you can follow to protect your business investment.

The best among them is to cover your building with professional extinguishing equipment.

This ensures the safety of your employees and helps you cover yourself from a disaster.

Where fire is detected, the Ansul Suppression agent is discharged onto the fire, forming a solid layer of foam. This instantly cuts off the oxygen supply to the fire, suppressing it and cooling it. People are protected and surrounding damage is minimised. The agent is not stored under pressure, meaning that after activation the system can be recharged on-site by one of our technicians, ensuring that your kitchen is safe to use again the same day.

ANSUL system Ghost Kitchen

About ANSUL System Ghost Kitchen

ANSUL is a line of Ghost Kitchen Suppression system designed to meet the standards of a building by providing different test results.

As technology evolves and new and efficient products enter the market, the ANSUL System Ghost Kitchen continued to work with different companies.

The collaboration of shared data allows you to get the best fire protection system in your budget.

Advantages of using an ANSUL System Ghost Kitchen

It saves you from a disaster

Machine is blue color

Installing a professional Fire suppression system reduces the risk of property damage, fire injury, and any other business-related interruption.

ANSUL R102 System has been the first choice of most European counties thanks to its excellent design and low-cost Liquid Agent.

The System quickly showers a rain of chemicals on flames ensuring quick cool down in the hotter surface.

It also generates a blanket of vapor that helps prevent the fire from spreading in other places.

It safes from business disruption

Business always relies on open shops. If your business has been an impact of an economic disaster, chances are you will lose a lot of credibility in the market.

A fire on a kitchen can burn everything you have in-house. Not all of us can afford to buy new items again.

The Insurance Industry indicates that 1 out every 5 business around the world suffers major disruption.

ANSUL most advanced safety measures ensure that your business won’t land into a disruption.

Even if you have a breakdown in the system, you can still run your operation the next day.

ANSUL Training School

How the system works

In addition to advanced equipment, ANSUL also offers a series of school training programs that will help you to surpass any emergency.

Most of the people don’t even know how to use a fire exhausted.

The ANSUL Fire School trains you on how you can manage the situation most professionally. You can apply this training not only to your business but in every emergency.

Businesses re-open accuracy

80% of the businesses never re-open after a major incident. ANSUL system Ghost Kitchen regularly checks the on-going situation of the business.

If the system encounters a leak into the kitchen, it provides you with enough details so that you can manually fix it.

If the problem arises is not handled by you, the team of highly professional ANSUL staff will help you in the matter.

Any business can use it

ANSUL System Ghost Kitchen is not only limited to the restaurant business.

It can also be used in other sectors like Aviation, Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Data centers, etc.

And that’s how ANSUL system Ghost Kitchen keeps your kitchen intact and well equipped. It’s very handy and gets a lot of things done at the right moment.

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