Waitlist Software for Ghost Kitchens3 min read

waitlist software for ghost kitchens

Why would someone need Waitlist Software for Ghost Kitchens when they aren’t providing the dine-in facility for their customers?

If you also have the same thought, you must take some time to read the following information.

Reasons for Using Waitlist Software for Ghost Kitchens

The waitlist software is not only important for traditional restaurants but the ghost kitchens must also use these software products to streamline their business process.

The customers usually expect a swift delivery from the ghost kitchens. And they’re often disappointed when the food isn’t delivered according to their expectations.

It usually happens when the ghost kitchens can’t update the customers about when their food is going to be delivered.

If you start using Waitlist Software for Ghost Kitchens, you’d be able to eliminate this problem.

The waitlist software enables the customers to place an order in advance so they may not have to wait for the food to be delivered when they get back home.

The ghost kitchen staff is aware of the scheduled orders and they keep the food prepared before the delivery boy comes to collect the food.

Similarly, the Waitlist Software keeps the customers updated about how long they’d have to wait for the food to be delivered.

Thus, they do not feel annoyed and the ghost kitchens do not lose a customer due to late delivery.

Best Waitlist software for Ghost Kitchens

We have briefly described the reasons for using waitlist software for ghost kitchens. Now, let’s take a look at the best software products you can use for the ghost kitchen.


Waitwhile is an intelligent waitlist app that keeps the provides a high level of comfort and convenience to the customers.

You can simply integrate this program to your website so that the customers may use it to check the details of their order.

The users can also install the app in their smartphone to enjoy a more personalized experience

The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t force the customers to install an app into their phones.

It simply updates the customers about their orders through SMS or email.waitlist software for ghost kitchens

So, the customers won’t have to install another app into their phone for staying update about their order.

The crazy thing about this app is that it immediately sends a thanking message to the customers once their food is delivered. It also asks them to submit a review of your service.

It means you can increase ghost kitchen reviews with this app.


Queuepad is another amazing waitlist software for ghost kitchens that want to stay engaged with their customers.

This app sends email or SMS to the customers to update them about their order’s status.

In this day and age, everyone uses text messaging. This gives you a channel to easily and automatically communicate with customers the way they want. It’s also really easy to automate and still have customers feel like they’re being taken care of.

This app is a highly recommended option for those who have different ghost kitchens operating in different locations.

You can set separate queue lines for each location. The customers can also install this easy-to-use app into their phone to track their order’s status whenever they want.


It’s another incredible option for those who don’t want to lose their customers due to lack of information. This app enables the customers to check the status of their order. It also sends them messages about how long it will take for the food to be delivered.

This also asks the customers to submit their review once they’ve received the order. These reviews can improve your position on different platforms.