Virtual Restaurant Model3 min read

It’s an admitted fact that the Virtual Restaurant Model is a bit different from the traditional restaurants.

You won’t have to design a dining hall, drive-thru area, or a parking space when setting up the virtual restaurant model.

The virtual restaurants are just focused on delivering food to the customers.

So, it’s important to look for elements that can help with continuing your processes.

If you didn’t focus on these elements while setting up the design for your virtual kitchen, you’d end up wasting plenty of money for no reason.

This article talks about the elements that are important for running a virtual restaurant without any problem.

Unfortunately,  there aren’t enough design ideas available for setting up an amazing virtual kitchen.

But you can create your own ideas to make your ghost kitchen unique and functional as well.

Although you won’t entertain customers in the kitchen, you should still carefully choose the virtual restaurant model because it will help you while you’re dealing with the legal aspect.


The kitchen is the center point of every ghost kitchen because this is where all the magic takes place.

In traditional restaurants, the kitchen is designed right behind the dining area.

But that’s not the case with a virtual kitchen because virtual kitchens don’t provide the dine-in facility.

So, the kitchen is the only aspect that requires serious attention when you’re working on a virtual restaurant model.

The kitchen needs to have an efficient exhaust system so that the customers may work there comfortably.

Refrigeration System

If you’re running a small size ghost kitchen to entertain the customers in a limited area, you should designate some space within the kitchen for a commercial refrigerator.

The commercial refrigerators can fulfill your refrigeration needs to some extent.

But if you’re willing to use your ghost kitchen as a center point for your food trucks, you must leave some space for a walk-in refrigerator within the kitchen.

These refrigerators have the capacity to store a massive amount of food items for a long time.

Thus, you won’t run out of supplies and you’d be able to provide quick service to the customers.

Ample space for the sink

Don’t forget to leave ample space for a 3 component sink because it’s the basic need of every ghost kitchen.

The sink enables you to clean the dishes after each serving so they may stay safe from bacteria.

The sinks that we use in residential property aren’t suitable for restaurants and ghost kitchens.

Therefore, you should leave some space for the 3 component sink when you’re working on the virtual restaurant model.

Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression System is one of the basic needs of food-related businesses.

It doesn’t only provide enough protection to the employees but it also enables you to get proper licensing from the legal authorities.

You must consider the fire suppression system while planning the virtual restaurant model because it’s included in the overall structure.

It gets really difficult to install the fire suppression system if you didn’t consider it at the time of construction.