Top 10 Ghost Kitchens3 min read

Top 10 Ghost Kitchens

Everyone loves a ghost kitchen because of their in-time delivery and quality food that matches the standard of your favorite restaurant.

Making a list of the top 10 Ghost Kitchens in the world can be a challenging task as there are so many prominent names.

The term ghost kitchen means an existing restaurant having a second recognition that can be only used for preparations on the go.

Many famous restaurants are shifting their workload to ghost kitchens as they are more prone to handling workload, without even participating in the business front side.

Ghost kitchens are often owned and operated by a management company, which may assist with sales and marketing. Multiple kitchens allow for many varied cuisines prepared in a single facility, which gives new meaning to the concept of “something for everyone” when a family or office places an order. The shared commissary space often will house a takeout and delivery counter to ease the process, a feature that proved to be useful with coronavirus restrictions.

Dona Berry,Food Business News

Here we’ve established a list of the top 10 Ghost kitchens around the world, which is changing the way how the kitchen business work in today’s era.

Our Selection for the top 10 Ghost Kitchens


Top 10 Ghost Kitchens

Reef Kitchens Miami

Reef kitchens are probably the largest Ghost Kitchen networks with a footprint of more than 4500 locations in North America.

Each of the kitchen chains accommodates with a five-star restaurant brand and directly deals with the on-going state of delivery services.

Amped Kitchens

Amped Kitchens

Amped Kitchen not only provides the services of Ghost Kitchen, they also provide shared kitchen space for any of the restaurants available in the region.

The company 20%of tenants are still Ghost kitchen mostly located in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Fulton Kitchens

Fulton Kitchen provides a very basic “Plug and Play” kitchen system across all of their 20 ghost kitchen locations in Central America.

The company also deals in consumer package and caterers services for special events.


The Dubai-based company has made it’s internationally recognized by setting foot in the Gulf and Western countries.

The company is ranked as the best cloud kitchen service provider in the UAE.


CloudKitchens is ranked as the top 10 Ghost Kitchens in the world because of multiple reasons.

The company has the biggest supply chain of employees, works under the supervision of Uber CEO, and has a majority of real estate sites for ghost kitchen in the urban spaces.

Zuul Kitchens

Zuul Kitchens

Started as a salad chain in New York City, Zuul Kitchen has now made its recent appearance in Chinese and Italian food.

The kitchen is located in a former space and is still working hard to make its goodwill in most premium restaurants.

Ghost Kitchens

Originated in the city of Canada, the company has brand recognition for Indian, Italic, and Greek food.

The company aims to provide its services in other parts of the world.


UberEats- a famous food delivery service that has recently opened its first ghost kitchen branch in Paris.

The company plans to move out to other parts of the work including North America and major European states.

Bamboo Asia Oakland

Bamboo Asia Oakland

Bamboo is a bay area fast-food chain in Oakland.

The company has the largest cloud kitchen space than any of our aforementioned names on the list.

It’s ranked as the best top 10 ghost kitchens list in Asia.

The Local Culinary

The company deals with locally established food for native people in the major Gulf and Western countries.

It offers additional 20 branches in Miami, Aventura, Boca Raton, and New York City.

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