Table Management System for Ghost Kitchens3 min read

Table Management System for Ghost Kitchens

Table Management System for Ghost Kitchens helps business owners and managers to run an effective business more collectively.

The way the internet is evolving, there are a lot of Food chains that require consistency and quality products.

By using different technological tools, we can shift our managerial workload and focus on providing quality food.

One particular area in which the Ghost Kitchen Management software has seen some major improvements is the POS integration.

Table Management System for Ghost Kitchens

Each management software offers new features to help us with our everyday productivity.

If done the right way, it plays a significant role in restaurant success.

There has always been a debate on how to find the best table management system for Ghost Kitchens.

The short answer is, it highly depends on your business requirements.

There’s a cross between the Table management software and POS (Point of Sale) system.

While both have a POS system, a table management system offers some other features that are limited to an organization.

Best Table Management System for Ghost Kitchens

So, what comes on the other side of this tipping point? According to industry technology providers (in many cases, disruptors), the major narratives for 2020 include even more delivery, ghost kitchens, a more sophisticated point-of-sale system and artificial intelligence.

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In this post, we’ve shared information about the best table management system for Ghost Kitchens.

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Reserve is a cloud-based table management software that allows a combination of different features, right at your fingertips.

The application interface allows you to quickly share information with the vendor, make customer notes, set custom locations, and check visit history.

You can select list tables from the smartphone application or through the website interface.

Everything is merged into a reserve network.

For a busy schedule, the application offers detailed analytics and waitlist to help notify the free tables.

Reserve Features

  • Online Reservation
  • Waitlist Management
  • Pre and Post-Payment integration
  • Partnership Network
  • Notification Patrons

Eat App

Eat App is a cross-platform cloud-based table management software that offers tons of great CRM features and has proven to reduce the everyday workload of many trusted customers.

Eat App is also ranked as the best guest database system for Mobile phones because of its integrity and feature-rich User interface.

You can set up your floor plan directly from the app and everything is correlated with the kitchen realtime.

You can customize the application interface and add a selection of useful widgets for your business requirements.

In addition to this, Eat App offers a state of the art online reservation system paired with diner demand network for online booking.

Eat App Features

  • Diner Demand Network
  • Cross-Platform System
  • Cross-restaurant Data sync
  • POS integration
  • Reserve with Google system


Resy is a Fully-featured POS Ghost Kitchen management software with a handful of custom widgets and table management options available at your fingertips.

Upon purchase, you can share guest notes with the customer and other preferences or in-house specials.

Resy provides a variety of ordering tools that the customers can benefit from.

They can specify the usage of the food ingredients, mention allergies, or share additional information.

The application is also integrated with Social media sites to help people connect with businesses easily.

Resy Features

  • Different restaurants API
  • Customizable Guest Messaging
  • Network Configuration
  • Online reservation System
  • Customers Waitlist

Hopefully, you’d now be able to find the best table management system for ghost kitchens.

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