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stealth kitchens

If you’re familiar with the new stealth kitchen trend in the home, you’d easily be able to understand the concept of Stealth Kitchens.

The stealth kitchen we design in our home is hidden from the eyes of visitors. It’s basically like a cabinet and you can access the entire kitchen by opening the cabinet.

The same is the case with the kitchens that are operating with this name in the corporate world because these kitchens do not have a dine-in area where people may come to enjoy their favorite meals.

However, these dark kitchens are still operational in different parts of the world and you can order food from them whenever you want.

The purpose of writing this article is to describe how Stealth kitchens operate and how you can order food from them. So, without any further ado, let’s jump into the details.

How do Stealth Kitchens operate?

Limited staff

Unlike traditional restaurants, these kitchens have limited staff that is always ready to serve the customers. Normally, they have 2-3 chefs and a few helpers. They don’t need to hire waiters and the cleaning staff as they do not offer the dine-in facility.

The helpers make sure that every item is readily available so that the chef may immediately prepare the food whenever an order is placed.

The chefs take only a few minutes to prepare the food because they don’t need to serve the customers on their premises.

Once the food is prepared, the delivery guy takes the food and delivers it to the customer.

Usually, Stealth kitchens have only one or two delivery guys because these kitchens are registered on food delivery apps.

So, the delivery guy from these services comes to collect food and delivers it to the customers. It helps with saving a lot of money.

Kind of a Co-Working Kitchen Space

A unique thing about these kitchens is that they work with several other kitchens in the same location. Thus, they manage to offer different cuisines to customers from one location.

That’s what makes stealth kitchens a great choice for the customers.

How you Can Order food from Stealth Kitchens?

Ordering food from a stealth kitchen is not a big deal. Here are the steps you can follow to order food from these kitchens.

stealth kitchens

Run an online search

You can simply visit google to find out if there are any stealth kitchens operating in your area.

Similarly, if you have a food delivery app installed on your phone, you can find all the local kitchens on that app.

The menu of these kitchens is easily available on the app or their website.

You can choose your favorite meals from that menu and then place the order with just a single click.

Payment Options

The customers can either pay the amount directly to the kitchen through an online service or they can pay cash to the delivery boy when he comes to deliver the food.

The kitchens manage the amount with the delivery service providers later on. However, it’s quite a convenient option for you to order your favorite meal.


Investing in Stealth Kitchens

There are currently limited options for investors in this nascent industry. Investing directly would require a relationship with restauranteurs. You could invest indirectly by focusing on stocks that provide kitchen-related equipment and ghost kitchen software.

We are soon going to build directories to help investors connect with opportunities.

How to Start Stealth Kitchens

First you need to fully understand the concepts of ghost kitchens as they apply to your business model. Your restaurant concept needs to be conducive to the delivery-only restaurant industry.