SlickPOS Delivery Channel Management Software3 min read

SlickPOS Delivery Channel Management Software

Are you planning to integrate SlickPOS Delivery Channel Management Software into your ghost kitchen?

Well, it’s an amazing option for boosting the performance of your ghost kitchen.

But you need to understand a few features of this system before you integrate it into your kitchen.

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SlickPOS Delivery Channel Management Software Features

Fortunately, we’ve developed detailed information about different features of this software to help you understand how it can simplify the process.

SlickPOS Delivery Channel Management Software

So, without any delay, let’s take a look at the interesting features of this software.

Integrate Online Food Portals

You must have registered your ghost kitchen on several online food portals to grow your business.

The problem is that you need a lot of effort and struggle to maintain your position on these platforms.

Similarly, you need an extra workforce to keep a track of orders you receive from these platforms.

SlickPOS enables you to bring all these platforms together so you may not face problems with tracking the orders.

It has an easy to understand dashboard that displays information about orders you receive from different food portals on a daily basis.

Thus, you can use this information to prepare your monthly reports and you can even use it to collect accurate information for the annual reports.


Manual Tracking

SlickPOS delivery channel management software also gives you the opportunity to track sales manually.

Usually, the customer order food via phone call or messages. In this situation, the standard POS systems don’t offer any features to track your sales.

But this advanced POS system enables you to insert these orders as well so you may track all your sales in a single platform.

Kitchen Display System

SlickPOS comes with an advanced kitchen display system that can be used to manage orders from different food portals.

You won’t have to worry about losing any information because it keeps the orders in a proper sequence.

Thus, you’d be able to entertain your customers in a timely manner.

Inventory & Recipe Management

You no longer have to worry about managing the inventor because SlickPOS delivery channel management software can automatically update the inventory on your behalf.

It starts displaying notifications on your screen if you’re running out of stock.

Thus, you’d always stay prepared to entertain your customers without any delay.

An interesting thing about this software product is that it gives you the freedom to manage multiple inventory locations at the same price.

We bet you’d hardly find this feature in any other delivery management software.

Getting Private Feedback

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The ghost kitchen team is usually surrounded by so many important tasks that they can’t follow up with the customers once the order is delivered.

SlickPOS Delivery Channel Management software solves this problem by allowing you to generate a digital receipt.

The customers are then invited to leave feedback about your services.

The best thing about this system is that it doesn’t display the feedback on your profile unless you approve it.

So, it’s an effective way of interacting with the customers while maintaining your reputation on different platforms.

So that’s all there is to know about SlickPOS Delivery Channel Management Software.

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