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Rebel Foods Ghost Kitchen Company

Rebel Foods Ghost Kitchen Company is the name of trust and reliability in the league of ghost kitchens.

You might not now but Rebel Foods is the largest network of ghost kitchens throughout the world.

They have more than 2200 internet restaurants in different parts of the world. And they have a chain of 300 cloud kitchens operating in 3 popular countries.

Rebel Foods Ghost Kitchen Company

Rebel Foods was launched around 8 years ago with the goal of providing an excellent service to the customers.

And they’ve successfully managed to provide extraordinary service to the customers since then.

Faasos & Behrouz Biryani are the top names associated with this brand in India.

This ghost kitchen business is not just limited to traditional foods but they also offer World Cuisines, Beverages, and Desserts.

Currently, they’re leading the industry with a huge margin and it’s an incredible opportunity for those who want to grow their kitchen quickly.

As cloud kitchen networks go, Rebel Foods is Old Guard compared to newer entrants like Kitchen United and Travis Kalanick’s CloudKitchens. Rebel was founded in 2010 and launched as quick-service chain kebab chain Faasos in 2011, and as of last check was targeting a $1 billion valuation.

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The problem is that Rebel Foods Ghost Kitchen Company has some strict regulations that aren’t found elsewhere.

It means you’d have to put in a lot of effort to join their program.

Join Rebel Foods Ghost Kitchen Company

Fortunately, we’ve collected information about factors that can make you qualify for their program.

So, if you’re willing to become a part of the Rebel Foods Ghost Kitchen Company, the following information is going to be very helpful for you.

Cloud Kitchen While cooking


Innovation is one of the main concerns of this ghost kitchen company because they always want to offer something new to the customers.

So, if you are planning to join their network of cloud kitchens, you must bring some innovation to your work.

There are several unique ideas you can bring together to show how innovative you are.

You need to prepare an attractive business plan to convince them that you’re going to help them with growing their business.

If you’re already running a ghost kitchen in an area, you must show them the creative ideas you’ve used to make your kitchen successful.

It’s a great option you can use to convince the administrators when applying for the membership.

Excellent Customer Experience


Rebel EmployeeThe reason why Rebel Foods Ghost Kitchen Company has achieved such an incredible rank is that they never compromise on customer experience.

They understand the value of serving their customers in the best possible way.

Therefore, they teach proper work ethics to the cloud kitchen owners when they’re adding them to their membership program.

If you want to become a part of their team, you must show them that you’re ready to offer excellent customer service to the customers.

If you have already built a network of satisfied customers for your ghost kitchen, it will be a huge plus for you.

And you’d find it easy to convince them to add you to their network.

New Ghost Kitchens

Rebel Foods Ghost Kitchen Company has a goal of helping the ghost kitchens that don’t have enough resources to grow.

If you’re about to start your journey in this industry, your chance of getting an approval is quite high.

However, you can only become a member of their network if you fulfill the initial requirements.

So, that all about Rebel Foods Ghost Kitchen Company, its evaluation, and how big is the company seeking itself to be around everybody.

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