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Natural Gas Interlock System Ghost Kitchen

If you’re thinking what is a natural gas interlock system ghost kitchen system, What are its benefits, and how it performs in the commercial business then you have to look no further.

You can see the appeal. Virtual—also called cloud or ghost—kitchens are stripped-down commercial cooking spaces with no dine-in option. Functioning as hubs for online delivery and catering orders, they circumvent the need for costly buildouts in premium locations. Less prime real estate also means more space to accommodate delivery and catering vehicles that would otherwise jockey with customers for parking space. It’s an ever-more-appealing prospect as the $17 billion U.S.

Maggie Hennessy,QSR Magazine

In this post, we’ve covered all your basic queries regarding what is a gas interlock system and why it is important to have one in your business.Natural Gas Interlock System Ghost Kitchen


What is Natural Gas Interlock System Ghost Kitchen?

Lock for gasThe natural gas interlock system is a failsafe device that monitors different equipment in your kitchen.

It acts as a bridge between different security equipment and provides you direct control over everything.

These devices ensure a safe environment in the kitchen and reduce the risk of fire and other economic accidents.

A Natural gas interlock system ghost kitchen ensures that the flow of gas is terminated as soon as the system suspects a breakdown.

This could be interlinked with your fire suppression system, faulty ventilation system, or other interlinked equipment.

You must install enough security equipment in your kitchen to ensure your employee safety.

Here are some highlighted points about why a natural gas interlock system ghost kitchen system is important for your business.

Automated System termination

Ventilators are more prone to hardware malfunction because they run throughout the day. If somehow your ventilator stopped working properly, gas can spread in your kitchen in no time.

The kitchen employees are sometimes in more practice of the work that they ignore the gas leakage.

This can land your business into some serious problem. A natural gas interlock system ghost kitchen automatically terminates the flow of gas as soon as it figures out something is wrong with the ventilation.

The law demands it

In most countries, the law demands you to install Natural gas interlock system ghost kitchen.

The Gas Safe Regulations (GSR) demand that every food-related commercial business is legally required to follow government SOPs and use enough security equipment in your kitchen.

This includes good ventilation, suppression, and a gas interlock system.

Safe you from hazardous gas

gas safety

Normally when a fire emerges in a remote area, it deforms monoxide and nitrogen dioxide gases, which are hazardous for humans. The gas interlock system prevents the separation of fire and eliminates the immerse of unburned gas.

Check and balance of all the system

Some advanced natural gas interlock system ghost kitchen comes with extra features.

This includes a check and balance of the overall quality of your gas usage.

The system also monitors the usage of carbon in the kitchen and triggers an alarm if it’s too much of a value. In addition to this, they are easy to install and doesn’t require a lot of space.

Who needs natural gas interlock system ghost kitchen?

Although most people think that it is only useful in the kitchens, every commercial business with the usage of gas should opt for this.

Failure to have an interlock system in your business results in:

  • Health and safety-related problems of your employee
  • Prosecution from higher authorities
  • Closure of the kitchen for quite sometime
  • Fine from government entities

All the above reasons justify the need for a Natural Gas Interlock System Ghost Kitchen.

If you are someone who is seconding guessing this important step, think no more and just act on it.

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