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Karma Kitchen Ghost Kitchen Company

Are you in search of a co-working space for starting a food and drink business?

Look no further, because the Karma Kitchen ghost kitchen company is the best option for your needs.

This ghost kitchen company provides a remarkable opportunity for food-related businesses that are in the initial stage.

They provide essential support at every step of the way so you may continue growing with them.

The best thing about this ghost kitchen company is that they have the most affordable partnership programs.

So, if you’re jumping into the industry of ghost kitchens, you might need their help to grow your business.

Karma Kitchen Ghost Kitchen Company

Options offered by Karma Kitchen Ghost Kitchen Company

Karma Kitchen Ghost Kitchen Company offers a range of options for food businesses that want to join them. Here is the detailed information of programs you can opt for when joining the Karma Kitchen.

Uber will pay Karma Kitchen for the space to host the accelerator, Newton said. Karma Kitchen has a shared kitchen it rents for £40 to £80 ($50 to $100) per eight-hour shift, depending on how frequently tenants use the space. It also rents private kitchens for £81 to £160 per eight-hour shift. Overnight shifts are half-price. Uber plans to hold the accelerator in Karma Kitchen’s shared kitchen.

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Shared Space

This is the most common type of option that people often choose when they’re starting their journey in the ghost kitchen industry.

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The small kitchen owners can book a workbench in their co-working space to start providing their services.

You can book a workbench for $112 per month where you can get all the essential accessories to prepare the food.

You must keep in mind that the price is only for one shift. So, if you want to work for another shift, you’d have to pay an extra amount of $112 per month.

You won’t have to worry about washing up the dishes because kitchen porters are there to help you out.

You can store your cooking items in an organized way once you’re done cooking. It’s also important to know that they don’t provide knives at the co-working space.

It means you’d have to bring the knives and other utensils with you.

We believe it’s the ideal option for new ghost kitchens because you can hardly find a place at such a reasonable price.

Moreover, you won’t have to buy the cooking essentials because everything is already available in the Karma Kitchen Ghost Kitchen Company.

Private Space


If you don’t prefer sharing space with others, you can choose a private space for your ghost kitchen.

In this program, you get a dedicated space for your business where you can make sure that everything is readily available.

The benefit of having a private space is that you can quickly prepare a meal for the customers as soon as they place an order.

However, you’d have to pay around $2500 for a private space where you can get enough storage space for your equipment.

Large Private Space

This option is highly recommended for businesses that have been in this industry for a long time and they’re now willing to expand.

The large private space is dedicated to you 24 hours a day and you get all the essential cooking accessories here.

The price of this program isn’t officially revealed. So, you’d have to contact the Karma Kitchen Ghost Kitchen Company to get a quote from them.

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