Increase Ghost Kitchen Margins3 min read

Increase Ghost Kitchen Margins

Are you unable to increase Ghost Kitchen Margins?

Maybe you haven’t understood this industry pretty well. Ghost Kitchens are the best option for boosting your profit margins in the food industry.

And if you’re still struggling with increasing the profit margins, it means you aren’t on the right track.

But don’t worry, we are here to solve your problem. We’ll share some important ideas we’ve learned from some experienced ghost kitchen owners.

Probably you need to review your menu and ingredients or you may have to try some new recipes.

There is a certain distinction in the concept and coinage of the term ‘cloud kitchen’; the concept of takeaway or delivery only, without dining, has been around for over half a century globally. While pizza and burger delivery points were prevalent in the West, in India we have the long standing tradition of tiffin/dabba services; these are essentially cloud kitchens and have been around for decades.

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Tips to increase Ghost Kitchen Margins

Some ideas may work for you while others may not. Therefore, we’re prepared a list of ideas that may help you to increase ghost kitchen margins.

Increase Ghost Kitchen Margins

Now, without any further, ado, let’s take a look at how you can increase ghost kitchen margins.

Change your Menu

Maybe you’re charging too low for several food items.

You need to update your menu according to the latest prices otherwise, these food items would probably eat up your ghost kitchen profit margins.

There is no doubt you need to offer some attractive rates to the customers.

But if the food costs are damaging your profits, you need to rethink about the prices you’re offering.

As a general rule of thumb, you need to generate around 33% profit from your food items.

But the situation may be different for high-priced items like steaks. The best way to set an accurate ghost kitchen menu is to use an advanced menu builder.

These software products keep a track of the overall costs and they can regularly update the prices of different food items.

The benefit of using a menu builder is that you can offer amazing prices to your customers without having to reduce your profit margin.

Control Labor Costs

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The ghost kitchen labor costs cause a huge dent in your profit margins.

So, if you want to increase ghost kitchen margins, you must consider controlling the labor costs.

You can simply say goodbye to the employees that aren’t adding any value to your ghost kitchen.

For instance, you don’t need to hire a personal delivery boy when you can use the online food delivery apps to get your job done.

Similarly, you can reduce the working time of the employees if they aren’t required to handle their job for the most part of the day.

However, you need to take these steps very carefully because it can also cause damage to your production rate instead of boosting your profit margins.

Increase your sales

Increasing your sales is also very important to increase ghost kitchen profit margins.

Getting more and more customers means your sales are going up every month.

And it can ultimately increase ghost kitchen margins in the long run.

Offer some extras

You can offer desserts or other food items as an extra when the customer places an order.

You need to pick the items that don’t generate enough sales for you.

Thus, you’d be able to generate profit from the items that had become a liability for you. And it’s obviously a great way to increase ghost kitchen margins.

So do not let your items become a liability by learning how to increase Ghost Kitchen Margins.

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