Hygienic Walls Skirting Ghost Kitchen3 min read

Hygienic Walls skirting ghost kitchen is the best option for maintaining the cleanliness of the surface.

You won’t even need professional help to install the padding as you can do it on your own.

You just need to be aware of how to use tools like drills and jigsaws. And you must have some idea of how to take accurate measurements.

That’s it. You’re ready to install the wall cladding into your ghost kitchen.

But make sure that you keep someone with you for some help because panels are sometimes really big.

How to install Hygienic Walls Skirting Ghost Kitchen?

Here is the process you need to follow if you want to install the hygienic walls skirting ghost kitchen on your own:

Prepare the wall

One of the major reasons why people installing hygienic wall cladding is that they want to reduce the levels of humidity.

But you need to make sure that the walls can easily withstand high-humidity.

Similarly, you should clean the grime, grease, and dirt from the wall so that the glue may easily form the bonding.

And make sure that you fill the gaps and straighten the bumps within the wall.

We recommend using plaster or concrete to fill the gaps if the wall is made of brick or concrete.

Add the Bottom Trim

First of all, you need to get an estimate of how much trim is required for the wall.

Once you’ve taken the measurement, you can start cutting the trim according to the length of the wall.

Make sure that you clean the sanding dust from the trip before installing it.

You need to apply a line of 1-part MS polymer adhesive to strongly attach the trim to the wall.

Later on, you can add the drywall screws to secure the trim to the wall.

Cut and Attach the Panels

Now, the next step of installing the hygienic walls skirting ghost kitchen is to cut and attach the panels.

You need to mark the wall depending on the width and height of the panels.

Thus, you’d be able to install the panels in an accurate position.

Now, prepare a 2-part PU glue and apply it on the wall where you’re going to install the panel.

Make sure that you wear goggles and PPE gloves while applying the glue.

Now, apply the adhesive on the panel and install it on the wall with the help of your partner.

Once the sheet is installed on the wall, you can smooth it using a rubber mallet or roller.

Add Vertical Trims

It’s time to apply vertical trims to provide essential support to the panels.

You can use 1-part MS Polymer adhesive to attach the trims to the wall.

These trims are installed between the two panels. So, you should keep installing the trims with each panel unless the entire wall is covered.

The hygienic walls skirting ghost kitchen is now properly installed.

You just need to clean the cladding after a few moments to remove the germs and other harmful elements.