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Hema Ghost Kitchen

Have you heard of Alibaba’s supermarket chain called “Hema”?

It’s a perfect example of innovation for today’s restaurant because they use advanced technologies to entertain their customers.

The Alibaba group has now launched Hema Ghost Kitchen for customers who like to enjoy fresh and healthy food at the comfort of their homes.

Meal preparation centers, known as ghost kitchens, will have no physical restaurant. All the orders will originate online, with all orders to be delivered.So far, CloudKitchens has a few in-house brands that are currently operational, including Excuse My French Toast, Egg the F* Out and B*tch Don’t Grill My Cheese, according to a Forbes report. The larger plan is to incubate food businesses from aspiring chefs and restauranteurs, too.

Jon Markman, Pivotal Point

Obviously, their ghost kitchen is a bit unique compared to others because they’ve integrated A.I technology and Robotics to provide a satisfactory experience to the customers.

Hema Ghost Kitchen

If you ever got a chance to visit their restaurants, you must have enjoyed a different experience there.

Unique Features of Hema Ghost Kitchen

I assume you’re already familiar with the concept of Ghost kitchens because ghost kitchens have now become quite popular.

However, if you don’t know the details of this concept, you may visit explore our guide about ghost kitchens.

Here we’ll talk about the features that make Hema ghost kitchen prominent among others.

Special Discount Offers

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You might be thinking what’s so special about it. Every ghost kitchen provides discount offers to customers.

The unique thing about Hema Ghost Kitchen is that it keeps updating discount offers throughout the day.

You won’t have to wait for the whole week to get a discount on your favorite meal.

And you won’t even have to open the app again and again to find a discount offer.

Simply, turn on a reminder and the app will automatically send you a notification when there is a discount on the meal you selected.

Order Placement

What happens when you usually order food from a ghost kitchen?

If you’re using a food delivery app for order placement, you’d receive the confirmation from the kitchen within 10-15 minutes.


And if you’re placing an order on a call, you’d interact with a representative who’d guide you through the way.

Now, that’s not the case with Hema Ghost Kitchen because they use advanced technology to entertain the customers.

No matter whether you’ve placed an order via call or food delivery app, you’d receive instant confirmation of the order on your phone.

Thus, you can easily continue your work or manage households rather than waiting for the order confirmation.

Scheduled Order

Hema ghost kitchen gives you the freedom to schedule an order at any time of the day.

So, you won’t have to wait for the food after getting back home from work.

The food will be delivered at the time you selected while placing the order.

You can even schedule orders for the entire month as there aren’t any limitations.

Fast Customer Support

The best thing about the Hema ghost kitchen is that they don’t keep you waiting when you call them.

They’ve integrated A.I technology into the system that enables them to interact with multiple customers at the same time.

So, if you had any issue about order placement or if you need any guidance, simply give them a call and get a reasonable answer to your question.

Their A.I system is so advanced that you won’t even realize that you’re communicating with a machine.

So that’s all you need to know about Hema Ghost Kitchen. If you wanna read more about such cool topics, just press on this link here and you are good to go.

Image Credit : https://www.thrillist.com/venue/eat/chicago/restaurants/hemas-kitchen