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Ghost Kitchen Twitter

Growing your Ghost Kitchen Twitter account is not a big deal if you regularly follow some expert tips.

Usually, it’s great to hire a social media expert to manage your social media profiles. But the new businesses cannot afford to hire social media experts.

Ghost Kitchen owners also try to save money by managing the Twitter account on their own.

But managing a business account is a lot different than a personal account.

You need to maintain a better reputation on Twitter otherwise, you may lose your customers.

Fortunately, we’ve prepared these valuable tips to grow your ghost kitchen Twitter account based on our knowledge and experience.

We understand how Twitter’s algorithms work. So, we can help with achieving Twitter goals more efficiently.

Tips to grow your Ghost Kitchen Twitter account

Now, let’s take a look at how you can Grow your Twitter account.

Follow relevant individuals


Ghost Kitchen Twitter

You’re concerned about Growing your presence on Twitter.

So, you should start following the individuals that like to try new ideas.

Normally, everyone has a love of trying different meals.

Even before the pandemic put a spotlight on food delivery and ghost kitchens, the industry saw heavy interest from investors. Kitopi raised $60 million in funding in February while CloudKitchens garnered $400 million from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund in November 2019, and Kitchen United received a $40 million investment in September 2019. As of October, $5.5 billion has been invested into ghost kitchens over the last 12 months, according to PitchBook. Given the sector is expected to create a $1 trillion global opportunity by 2030, it makes sense that more investors are entering the industry, especially as consumer habits shift more toward food delivery.


But you need to look for individuals that always publish their valuable feedback about different food services on their Twitter profile.

You may ask them to try your service once they’ve followed you back.

The benefit of following these individuals is that you get to know the preferences of your targeted customers.

And when they publish feedback about your service on their profile, you can get more orders from their followers.

Make sure that you find the individuals that are located in your area.

Use Hashtags

Twitter hashtag
Twitter hashtag

A tweet without a hashtag is just useless especially if you’re running a business account.

You must always use hashtags in your tweets based on the type of tweet.

No matter whether you have any followers or not, your tweet will be displayed to the people that are following that particular hashtag.

You must also create a brand hashtag for your ghost kitchen so people may explore your services if they’re interested in your tweet.

Make sure that you use the brand hashtag in every tweet because it’s a great way to attract more customers to your Ghost Kitchen Twitter Account.

Publish food Photographs

Publish food Photographs

The food Photographs may trigger the users’ desire to try the food.

The users instantly place an order for the food when they see mouth-watering photographs of food.

But if you haven’t paid attention to the photographers, the users will simply scroll down to the next tweet.

It doesn’t only cost you one customer but Twitter’s algorithm also counts it as a negative impression.

It means your tweets will no longer be displayed to that customer in the future.

Also, the Twitter bot won’t display your tweets to individuals who share the same interest.

Contact the influencers

The influencers can always make a huge contribution to growing your Ghost Kitchen Twitter account.

You just need to look for influencers who have a better engagement rate.

You can either pay them some money for promoting your Ghost Kitchen Twitter account or you can offer them a special discount for this favor.

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