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Ghost Kitchen Spreadsheet

Ghost Kitchen Spreadsheet is a single solution for your major financial needs. Still, many ghost kitchen owners are unaware of the benefits they can get from this amazing resource.

Don’t worry, we’ll describe all the amazing benefits of having a spreadsheet for your ghost kitchen.

The ghost kitchen owners put in a lot of effort in the struggle of providing great food to the customers.

But they often forget to take care of the financial side.

Some ghost kitchen owners spend a lot of money on software products to manage their financial needs.

But they don’t know that they can easily fix all the needs with the Ghost Kitchen Spreadsheet.

 Food preparation operated in kitchens not attached to an actual restaurant, ghost kitchens are able to focus solely on making food, unbridled by the complexity and costs of running a store front. A recent development that could propel ghost kitchens in North America is Travis Kalanick’s CloudKitchens which rents out properties outfitted as commercial kitchens to food businesses that wants a working space to serve just the online food delivery market. Call it the WeWork of Kitchens, CloudKitchens fittingly received a $400 million investment from Softbank.

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Benefits of Ghost Kitchen Spreadsheet

Here are some amazing benefits you can get with a spreadsheet.

Attendance Management

Ghost Kitchen Spreadsheet

You don’t need to buy an advanced software product to monitor the attendance of your employees when you have an amazing spreadsheet available at your ghost kitchen.

The spreadsheet also reduces the headache of managing attendance manually.

It takes only a few minutes to manage time for your chefs, managers, and other employees when you use a ghost kitchen spreadsheet.

We’re pretty sure that you won’t prefer investing money on those expensive software products when you have a free resource available at your doorstep.

Here is some information about how a spreadsheet helps with attendance management:

  • Update Employee time attendance
  • Update Employee Availability
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Employee Leave and Absent Reports

Tracking Sales

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When it comes to tracking sales, the ghost kitchen owners often waste a lot of time.

But not anymore because you now have access to the Ghost kitchen spreadsheet that can monitor the customer spending while taking care of profits, taxes, and expenses.

The spreadsheet basically comes with a built-in POS system that takes care of the financial aspects on your behalf.

You can use the Google spreadsheet to keep all the employees about the changes taking place in different departments.

Thus, you’d be able to track sales, revenue, and expenses in real-time.

The spreadsheet doesn’t only provide you with a collective report but it enables you to monitor the card sales and cash sales separately.

Inventory Control

Your ability to store and manage your inventory determines the success of your ghost kitchen.

With a ghost kitchen spreadsheet, you can easily fill the stock based on the demand of your customers.

You must regularly keep an eye on the inventory as it’s a major part of your expenses.

You can monitor the purchased, store, used, and wasted items with the help of the Ghost kitchen spreadsheet.

Based on this information, you can prepare a plan so you may not waste the food in the future.

Preparation of Financial Statements

Preparation of financial statements is extremely important for tracking down your inventory, revenue, expenses, salaries, taxes, and more.

Preparing the Financial Statements gets a lot easier when you have access to the Ghost Kitchen Spreadsheet.

It takes only a few seconds to monitor all the important figures when you’re preparing the financial statement.

We hope that this blog here will be helpful to you for your conquest of opening your Ghost Kitchen.

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