Ghost Kitchen PoS Integrations3 min read

Ghost Kitchen PoS Integrations

Looking for Ghost Kitchen PoS Integrations to improve the efficiency of your business.

We’ve found some of the best ghost kitchen PoS systems different ghost kitchens are using worldwide.

Most of these software products were initially designed for traditional restaurants.

Ghost Kitchen PoS Integrations

But the current changing circumstances have now made it mandatory for developers to make certain changes to these programs.

And they can now accommodate your needs no matter whether you’re running a ghost kitchen or a traditional restaurant.

Ghost Kitchen PoS Integrations

The answer largely depends on the context. Ghost kitchens can be useful for launching a new business with less capital, while virtual restaurants are a solid option for existing restaurants looking to get into off-premise sales. With virtual restaurants, you can still sell through popular delivery aggregators, but you can use your own equipment and kitchen to prep orders rather than rent a ghost kitchen space.


Here are some of the popular ghost kitchen PoS Integrations that can help with keeping everything organized in a ghost kitchen.

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LightSpeed is a powerful and innovative PoS system you can use to keep a track of your orders in a ghost kitchen.

In fact, it’s more than a PoS system as it enables you to find your target customers online while helping you with growing your presence in the digital world.

Lightspeed can be attached to different platforms so you may expand your business in a better way.

Most importantly, it enables you to provide better customer support to your clients.


GastroFix is a cloud-based PoS system designed to provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to your problem.

This PoS system is compatible with almost all the common software products you use in the restaurant and ghost kitchen business.


Revoxef is one of the best ghost kitchen PoS integrations you can use to improve your business.

Order management and time tracking are the interesting features of this PoS system that make it prominent among others.


Wynd is an effective order management system you can integrate into your business.

The best thing about this Pos system is that it takes care of the inventory management providing you with enough time to perform your duties.


Tiller offers some simple and smart tools along with the Pos system so you may continually fulfill your customers’ needs.

You can easily customize the dashboard and some other features according to your particular business needs.


Ikentoo is a high-performance PoS system that can easily be integrated with third party solutions.

It offers a combination of an online data management program and an iPad PoS application.

It helps with boosting your sales while providing a satisfactory experience to the customers.


Storyous is one of the leading ghost kitchen PoS integrations that can track real-time sales of your restaurant while giving you the freedom to manage your business from anywhere you want.

It takes only a few minutes to understand all the important features of this pos system.



Clyo is a perfect tool ghost kitchens can use for order management and inventory management.

The beauty of this tool is that it allows you to prepare analytical reports within a short span of time.

So, you must integrate it into your business if you’re looking for the best ghost kitchen pos integrations.

There are some other tools like 3S POS Squirrel Systems, Deliverect, and Limetray that can improve your business processes to an extent.

You can explore the detailed features of these tools to make sure whether they’re right for your business needs or not.

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