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Ghost Kitchen Personnel

So, you need to hire the ghost kitchen personnel for your newly launched kitchen?

Although you can follow the traditional restaurants in different areas, you cannot follow their methods when hiring employees for your ghost kitchen.

The workforce required for a ghost kitchen is a lot less than a restaurant.

Therefore, you need to follow the patterns of ghost kitchens when hiring employees for your ghost kitchen.

Recruitment is underway for 1,000 newly created positions for sbe‘s C3 (Creating Culinary Communities) subsidiary. As part of the opening of food halls and 138 ghost kitchens before the end of the year, C3 is hiring across the entire organization. Half the jobs will be in the Los Angeles area plus New York City, Las Vegas, Miami and San Francisco.

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Ghost Kitchen Personnel

In this post, we’ll talk about Ghost Kitchen Personnel you may need to run different processes of the ghost kitchen.

We’ll also describe information about how these individuals are going to help you in different areas. So, without any delay, let’s take a look at Ghost Kitchen Personnel you need to hire for your business.

Ghost Kitchen Personnel

General Manager

It’s impossible to run a ghost kitchen without a general manager. The general manager takes care of all the important tasks at your ghost kitchen.

No matter whether it’s about hiring new employees, overseeing ghost kitchen activities, or training new employees, the general manager takes care of all the important tasks.

Moreover, the general manager also helps with purchasing supplies and setting menu prices accordingly.

When you’re hiring a general manager for your ghost kitchen, you must look for a person who has at least 2-4 years of experience in this industry.

You must also make sure that you test the candidate’s ability to handle the pressure before hiring them for the job.

Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager is also very important for your ghost kitchen.

Therefore, you must keep them in the ghost kitchen personnel list when looking to hire employees.

The assistant manager oversees the employees and helps with scheduling and training duties.

The assistant manager must also have 2-4 years’ experience so they may handle the tasks properly.

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Line Cook

The responsibilities of the line cook may vary in different situations. However, the basic duty of the line cook is to prepare food on a grill or fryer.

The line cook must have some experience in the ghost kitchen industry. And you must make sure that they can work quickly and efficiently in different situations.

The line cook is going to work with some other employees at the ghost kitchen.

So, you need to find out if they have polite or friendly behavior or not because they won’t be able to complete their job if they can’t work with others.


You cannot forget the dishwasher when hiring ghost kitchen personnel.

The dishwasher doesn’t only clean the dishes in your ghost kitchen but it also cleans the garbage and harmful clutter from the kitchen.

It means they play a vital role in maintaining hygiene in a ghost kitchen.

Delivery Boy

Normally, the ghost kitchens take help from food delivery apps to deliver food to the customers.

But sometimes, the customers may contact you directly on your line. In this situation, the delivery boy is going to help with delivering the food quickly to the customers.

You must provide proper training to the customers so they may easily find the location of the customer.

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