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The Ghost Kitchens are all about ordering food online. So, if you don’t have a ghost kitchen ordering system, you won’t be able to facilitate the customers in the best way possible. You can choose from a wide range of options based on your requirements. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best ordering systems the ghost kitchens are using worldwide. So, without any delay, let’s take a look at these ordering systems.

Toast POS

Toast POS is the best ghost kitchen ordering system for those who want to provide a professional experience to their customers. If you’re already using Toast POS in your ghost kitchen, you won’t face any problems with integrating this ordering system. The POS system is the center point you can use to manage the ghost kitchen operations without any hassle.

This ghost kitchen ordering system is easily available at a price of $140 per month. So, it’s the perfect choice for ghost kitchens that have just entered the business.


We believe ghost kitchen owners must integrate the ordering system with their website because this is the best way to facilitate your customers. The best part is that the MenuDrive team helps with connecting the ordering system to your website. They’ll ask you to provide the photos, menu, and other information.

With this information, they will generate a customizable menu for your ghost kitchen website. This ordering system can easily be connected to your POS system so you may stay updated about all the transactions in real-time. You can also connect it to your email if you aren’t using a Ghost kitchen POS system. You’d have to pay a monthly fee of $90 if you want to use this ordering system.


ChowNow is another amazing ghost kitchen ordering system that many ghost kitchens are using for years. This system comes with several formats so you may choose the most suitable format for your ghost kitchen. You can connect it to your Facebook page, website or even mobile app to keep track of all the orders. In these days, the customers prefer using apps to place the order. So, we recommend using this ordering system for your ghost kitchen. This ghost kitchen ordering system is easily available for $119 per month.


Square is one of the most popular ghost kitchen ordering systems that can accommodate your needs. It’s basically a POS system that can keep track of all the transactions but it can also be used as an ordering system in the ghost kitchen. The best thing about this ordering system is that it charges a minimal amount on each transaction.

It means you’d only be paying money when you’re using their service otherwise, you won’t have to worry about any kind of expenses.


Upserve is a great solution for ghost kitchens that need a full-service management system. This ordering system can be attached to your website or mobile app. It means the customers can now use multiple channels to order food from your ghost kitchen.