Ghost Kitchen Online Ordering Platforms3 min read

Ghost Kitchen Online Ordering Platforms

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Ghost Kitchen Online Ordering Platforms give you the opportunity to facilitate your customers in the best way possible.

These platforms also help with making your business more and more profitable.

Ghost Kitchen Online Ordering Platforms

You no longer need to use those complicated ordering systems in your ghost kitchen once you’ve registered your business with these online ordering platforms.

By ditching the standard storefront strategy and focusing on delivery and pick-up orders. Therefore, without a designated dining area and facilities to accommodate customers, an entrepreneur can save on realty costs and employment of servers.


These tools also provide you with essential support so you may successfully grow your business.

We’ve found some of the best ghost kitchen online ordering platforms so you may choose the best option for your business needs.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the best online ordering platforms for ghost kitchens.



It’s one of the best and most reliable ordering systems for small and medium-sized ghost kitchens.

You can easily integrate it with your existing POS. And the interesting part is that you can use this platform to receive orders directly from social media.

It gives you the opportunity to track orders from different platforms so you may focus on the platform that is generating more effective results for you.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can use several digital marketing tools with this online ordering platform.

They have a team of experts that can create a customizable template for you if you don’t already have a website for your ghost kitchen.

Thus, you’d be able to start entertaining your customers within a few minutes.

We must say that it’s one of the most affordable ghost kitchen online ordering platforms because its monthly plan starts from $45.

Restolabs is offering some amazing discounts for customers who’d join their platform during Covid-19 (Global Pandemic).

It’s the ideal option for businesses that don’t have a huge amount of money for signing up with the ghost kitchen online ordering platforms.


9Fold is one of the best ghost kitchen online ordering platforms you can use to run your business processes.

It provides you with responsive menus while allowing you to track the delivery times of your orders.

Thus, you can provide customers with a better estimate when they place an order for food.

With this platform, you can provide an extraordinary experience to your customers.

You can also use a range of digital marketing tools with this platform including social media integration, branded email marketing, and customer feedback.

It’s a bit expensive compared to other platforms but it’s one of the most reliable options available on our list.



The name of trust and reliability in the league of ghost kitchen online ordering platforms.

You can easily create an interactive website with the help of this platform.

This platform offers a range of customer engagement features such as coupon builder, customized rewards, and fast-ordering.

We bet you’d be able to increase the number of returning customers with this platform.

Gloria FoodGloria Food

Gloria Food is another amazing online ordering platform you can use to entertain your customers.

The basic version of this platform is available for free so you may try different features before making a purchase.

The best thing about this platform is that it enables you to create a user-friendly app for your ghost kitchen.

Thus, you can serve your customers in a more effective way.

There you have it, these are all the  Ghost Kitchen Online ordering Platforms available on most countries.

they are reliable and great for their users. So using them would be a big Thumbs Up from us.

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