Ghost Kitchen Model3 min read

The common function of the restaurants is for people to dine-in or even take-out food from the establishments. 

This has been a common trend with restaurants even in the later years.

The latest in this trend is the ghost kitchen model.

But ever since the evolution of technology, restaurant capabilities also upgraded. 

They upgraded in the way that they have integrated the power ordering through calls and online; hence, the concept of delivery meals has been born.

Ghost Kitchen Model

With these capabilities,  restaurants have increased their scope and increased their sales, thanks to the integration of online.

From this concept of delivery meals the ghost kitchen model also emerged.

This concept emerged due to the desire or demand of people for more delivery-based meals.

The concept of the ghost kitchen deviates from the common restaurant concept.

This model focuses only preparation and delivery. The ghost kitchen has no physical stores where the customers can dine-in.

The ghost kitchen owners link with third party platforms to be reached by customers.

The third party platforms will also be the one to do the delivery. 

Usually, the commission of the online platform will be depending on the order that has been delivered.

Some companies have established their very own ghost kitchens since the trend nowadays is circulating around delivery meals.

Advantages of Ghost Kitchen Model

The Ghost kitchen model offers a variety of advantages to business owners that also deviates from adapting this concept.

Lower Financial Investment

ghost kitchen model

Compared to restaurants, the ghost kitchen model only uses smaller financial investments.

Instead of buying a real-estate property or constructing your very own establishment, you can resort into a renting a space.

You also don’t need to invest in the beautification of your place as customers will not be visiting, but you also need to heed to the safety and cleanliness started to operate on.

You will not also be distracted by other expensive elements and factors has; instead you can focus your funds on preparing quality foods.


The goal of a ghost kitchen model is to automate everything and be as lean as possible. The primary strategies are to be automated, and to provide a food product that fills a demands.

Niche Food Products

The strange thing is that the food doesn’t necessarily have to be top-tier – it just has to fill the needs of the area it serves.

A hot dog business in New York will be totally different than a hot dog ghost kitchen model operating in Chicago. The niches are different, so the model adapts.

Flexible Menu

With the ghost kitchen concept, you can create a flexible menu. You can vary the food that you are cooking and surprise your customers.

Another one is, if ingredients tend to get expensive you can always resort to other cooked meals that have cheaper ingredients.

Compared to the restaurants who will continue to cook their special entrée even though the ingredients to that menu became expensive.

Room for Experimentation

With this model that you are using, you can always have room for experimentations using new concepts of cooking as you will not be putting a lot of risk on the line.

That is in contrast to the concept of restaurant which rarely takes risks because they might lose a lot in the process.


Ever since the trend of delivery meals has been born, the ghost kitchen model emerged.

With the focus on delivery meals, only there is no need for larger financial investments.

There are also advantages that you may get once your foodservice business adapts the ghost kitchen model.