Ghost Kitchen Menu3 min read

So, you’re getting plenty fo visits on your Ghost Kitchen Website but not getting enough orders? Well, you need to make some changes to your Ghost Kitchen Menu. Although there are several other elements that help with boosting the sales of your ghost kitchen, the menu is the most important element that can grab the attention of the visitor.

The virtual menu needs to be a little bit different from the traditional menu as it targets a totally different kind of audience. If you’re still using that traditional menu for your virtual kitchen, you won’t be able to attract more customers.

There is no doubt you can use certain methods to achieve a top rank on Google but you won’t be able to stay there for long if you have an old and boring menu.

Setting Up Ghost Kitchen Menu

In this article, we’ve shared some valuable tips for creating an amazing Ghost Kitchen Menu. The owners will experience a significant boost in their ghost kitchen sales after making certain changes to the menu. So, without any delay, let’s dive into the details of how you can set up an amazing ghost kitchen menu.


The easy-to-navigate menu is the most important need of the Ghost Kitchen Menu. If you’ve created a complex menu with lots of design elements, you’d most probably be able to attract the design and art lovers. But it won’t bring you a lot of sales. The customers often get confused when they take a look at such kind of menu.

We know we’re living in the digital age where everybody wants to appear different from others. But it doesn’t mean that you make things difficult for your customers in the struggling of beating your competitors. We always recommend using an easy-to-navigate ghost kitchen menu so that the customers may place an order without any hassle.

Easy Order Placement

The customers normally face problems with order placement when they’re booking food from a virtual kitchen. What usually happens is that the customers first choose an item from the Ghost Kitchen Menu and then they need to visit another page to place the order.

The problem is that some customers like to offer two or three food items from the ghost kitchen. It means they’d have to visit the menu multiple times to complete their order. If you add an order placement plugin to the menu, the customers won’t face any problem. They’d easily be able to add different items to the cart.

And they can continue placing the final order once they’ve added all the required items to the menu. Therefore, you must try to make it easy for the customers to place an order.

Add Appetizing Photos

If you’re adding photographs to the site without even editing them, it won’t make a great impact on the customers. The customers won’t even place the order if the photographs aren’t attractive. You must consider adding mouth-watering photographs to the menu so that the customers may not mover further unless they place the order.