Ghost Kitchen Marketing3 min read

Ghost Kitchen Marketing

You’ve taken a great initiative by becoming a part of a new food business experiment.

But that’s not just it. You need to focus on Ghost Kitchen Marketing because it’s really important for generating more sales.

If you think that marketing isn’t very important as there are only a few competitors in this industry, you need to change your thoughts because there are plenty of businesses that have already started using this new field.

Even if you don’t have any competitors in your area, you’re still at risk of losing customers because the new entrants can take these customers away from you.

You’re one of the luckiest people who have got the opportunity to dominate this industry right from the beginning.

So, if you’re not paying attention to Ghost Kitchen Marketing, you’d end up regretting your decision in the future.

Ghost Kitchen Marketing Tips

We’ve brought some amazing marketing tips for ghost kitchen owners. We see Ghost kitchens getting as prevalent as Airbnb listings eventually

We assure you that you’d be able to build an amazing reputation in this new industry if you regularly follow these tips.

So, let’s dive into the details of marketing tips you can implement when trying to promote your Ghost Kitchen.

We are assuming you have chosen a profitable delivery-only restaurant niche. Usually it’s based on your kitchen experience and the type of cuisine that you can scale effectively.

Choose the Right Business Name And Logo

You must have entered this industry with the goal of growing your sales.

So, you need to choose a unique name and logo for your brand that perfectly represents you.

You can use several online logo makers to design a unique logo or you may hire an expert logo designer for the job.

Set up a Website

Setting up a website is one of the best Ghost Kitchen Marketing strategies.

It gives you the freedom to reach out to the people that aren’t even using those food delivery apps where you’ve registered your business.

Although you’ve said goodbye to that old restaurant business model you still need to follow some traditional methods to grow your business.

The customers usually take a visit to the restaurant’s website before placing the order. So, it’s a great option for building brand credibility. Make sure that you add tons of amazing food photographs to your site as it’s an incredible way to attract the visitors.

Invest in Mouth Watering Foot Photography

Ghost Kitchen Marketing

Now, here comes the most important Ghost Kitchen Marketing tip that can ultimately boost the sales of your ghost kitchen.

Almost all the top food delivery apps give you the opportunity to post photos of the food you’re offering.

There are several other restaurants listed on these apps that are trying to grow their sales.

So, if you want to win the customers through these apps, you must add the most appetizing photos to these apps.

We strongly recommend hiring a professional photographer for this job because attractive photos are really important for winning the game in this industry.

Customer Care for Ghost Kitchen Marketing


Customer Care is obviously an important part of Ghost Kitchen Marketing.

When running a ghost kitchen, you don’t get to interact with the customers physically. However, you have different social media platforms and online forums where you can listen to their requests.

Customer Service software for ghost kitchens can also help you achieve amazing service levels.

Similarly, if they submit a complaint on your site, you should immediately help them out. It helps with building a great impact on the customers. And they happily recommend your services to their friends and relatives.