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Ghost Kitchen Loyalty Program

So, you’re willing to launch the ghost kitchen loyalty program but need some tips before moving further?

We welcome our detailed guide where we’ll share some tips you can use to launch an amazing loyalty program.

Loyal customers help with running your business operations successfully.

Even if you’re offering a great taste and an incredible experience to your customers, you’d still need to offer something extra that can help with buying the loyalty of your customers.

Ghost Kitchen Loyalty Program

Based on our experience, the ghost kitchen loyalty program is the best way to make this happen.

The future of the restaurant landscape will be changing, and likely much faster than most operators are currently ready for. Over the last few weeks, the 9Fold team has helped a mass of traditionally dine-in restaurants pivot to an online ordering delivery / take-out focus. The pace left most of us dizzy.  More than that, we couldn’t have anticipated that these traditional dine-in restaurants would immediately have a flock of loyal patrons willing to order from them online.

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Tips for Ghost Kitchen Loyalty Program

Let’s take a look at the tips we’ve prepared for you.

Reward Loyalty on Every Order

True Food Kitchen Loyalty Program and Mobile AppThe stats show that the customers are more likely to order food from ghost kitchens that offer loyalty programs.

You’d be surprised to know that the younger generation shows more interest in the loyalty programs.

So, you can understand that you can make a long-term profit from these customers if you manage to win their trust.

You can build a huge list of returning customers by offering loyalty programs.

Some restaurants offer a one-time reward to attract customers.

There is no doubt that you can get plenty of orders from the customers with this kind of reward program.

Unfortunately, these customers won’t stay with you longer because the customers like to enjoy perks every time they order food from a ghost kitchen.

So, you need to prepare your ghost kitchen loyalty program according to the expectations of the customers.

Create a Simple Loyalty Program

It’s not easy to manipulate with today’s customers because the customers now understand how they can earn reward points for their purchases.

If you want to engage the customers with your ghost kitchen loyalty program, you should create a simple and user-friendly loyalty program.

The gift cards are a great option you can use to offer flexibility to the customers so they may claim the rewards according to their preferences.

Provide a Personalized Experience

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The customers do not only value the savings and discounts but they also get attracted to personalized rewards.

For instance, you can offer them a free meal on their birthday to earn their loyalty.

The customers feel honored when you offer a personalized experience with your ghost kitchen loyalty program.

It’s the best way to convince customers to order more food from your ghost kitchen.

Educate your Staff

Your staff members can play a vital role in promoting your ghost kitchen loyalty program.

Your employees won’t confidently talk about the loyalty program when they don’t have a better understanding of the program.

You need to train them so they may confidently talk to the customers while asking them to subscribe to the loyalty program.

They should not only attract new customers to the loyalty program but they should also describe the benefits of this program to the customers who have already subscribed to your ghost kitchen loyalty program.

The customers are more likely to order more food from you when you remind them about the benefits of the program.

So that’s all about ghost kitchen Loyalty Program which can claim from a Ghost Kitchen. If you want to read more about Ghost Kitchens, here have look at it. 

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