Ghost Kitchen Inventory Control3 min read

Ghost Kitchen Inventory Control

Looking to automate different processes of your ghost kitchen? We recommend focusing on the ghost kitchen inventory control.

Although there are some other ways you can use to make your ghost kitchen a success, inventory control is an important aspect that cannot be underestimated at any cost.

The items required to prepare different dishes are a part of the inventory.

You need to track all the ingredients accurately if you want to provide a satisfactory experience to the customers.

And that can only happen if you’re regularly working on ghost kitchen inventory control.

If you aren’t already working on this strategy, you’d experience a significant increase in your profits after implementing it.

The name Green Summit Group is most commonly associated with the ghost kitchen movement is in the US. Launched in 2013, Green Summit decided to cut out the dining room and tap directly into the restaurant delivery trend. Pioneering the “ghost” restaurant concept, it opened three kitchens in New York and a plethora of online brands. Green Summit has raised $3.6 million since its launch and is projecting about $18 million in sales this year across all of its locations.

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Ghost Kitchen Inventory Control Tips

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can maintain the make the most of ghost kitchen inventory control. So, let’s get started.

Ghost Kitchen Inventory Control

Find a POS System

A POS system is the best option for automating the operations of your ghost kitchen.

Find a POS System

The POS systems have become a lot advanced these days and they can now do wonders for you.

You won’t need to hire extra for inventory management because the POS system can accommodate all the essential needs without creating any kind of a mess.

In fact, the POS system provides more accurate information as compared to humans.

The best thing about the POS system is that it helps with running your day-to-day ghost kitchen operations quite smoothly.

The POS system consistently tracks the inventory and stock usage so you may stay informed if the supplies are running out.

Train your Staff

Train your Staff

You cannot take advantage of the POS system if your team members don’t know how to use the different elements of this system.

You need to teach them how they can use the POS system to track the items that are coming in and going out. With this data, they’d get a clear idea of items that are usually wasted.

Thus, you can reduce the amount of those items based on your needs. Reducing the wastage means you’d be able to save a lot of money.

Restrict Access

If an employee isn’t responsible for the inventory management, they don’t need to have information about what’s available in the stocks.

You can restrict access to your usage data to prevent unwanted usage to an extent. Usually, the Owner, manager, chefs, and cashiers need to have access to the usage data.

You can easily keep track of the activities of these individuals with the help of a POS system. With this method, you can stay safe from thefts and wastage.

Set a Limit on your storage

Set a Limit on your storage

It’s a useful way of making the most of ghost kitchen inventory control.

You need to keep the inventory fresh and in an edible state by setting up the minimum and maximum storage levels at your ghost kitchen.

It gives you the freedom to focus on other important aspects while taking care of the stock.

The cleanliness of the kitchen, store, and warehouse is also an important part of the storage.

And with that, we can conclude on what are the necessary Ghost Kitchen Inventory Control that one should enforce on their kitchen.

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