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Ghost Kitchen Floor Plan

You might not know but the Ghost Kitchen Floor Plan boosts the efficiency of your employees.

The ghost kitchen staff can easily move within the kitchen when everything is properly organized.

The surprising fact is that the efficient floor plan may also help with increasing the ghost kitchen profit margins.

So, when you’re building a ghost kitchen, you must pay serious attention to the floor plan.

In fact, if the current floor plan isn’t working well for you, you may take help from the experts to make some minor changes.

We bet it will improve the efficiency of your employees while increasing your profit margins.

No longer must restaurateurs rent space for a dining room. All they need is a kitchen — or even just part of one. Then they can hang a shingle inside a meal-delivery app and market their food to the app’s customers, without the hassle and expense of hiring waiters or paying for furniture and tablecloths. Diners who order from the apps may have no idea that the restaurant doesn’t physically exist.

Mike Isaac and NYTimes

What is a Ghost Kitchen Floor Plan?

Ghost Kitchen Floor Plan

A ghost kitchen floor plan is a blueprint that contains the complete layout of your ghost kitchen.

Setting up a floor plan for a ghost kitchen is a lot easier compared to the traditional restaurants.

The traditional restaurant owners need to be worried about the size and distance of different rooms, tables, bar, and payment stations.

But that’s not required when you’re building a ghost kitchen because ghost kitchens only deliver food instead of providing a dine-in service.

The ghost kitchen owners just need to prepare a plan for electrical outlets and other kitchen accessories.

However, you must consider including the doors, water heaters, and furnaces in your floor plan otherwise, it will be a huge disaster.

Importance of Ghost Kitchen Floor Plan

An efficient ghost kitchen floor plan makes it easier for chefs and the remaining staff to prepare food for the customers.

They can easily access the tools that are required to prepare a meal at a given time.

Another amazing benefit of having a ghost kitchen floor plan is that you won’t have to spend hours explaining the restaurant space to the new hires because the floor plan will do it for you.

With the floor plan, the new employees can easily find details of where different tools are located and how they can access them.

Who Designs the Ghost Kitchen Floor Plan?

You cannot prepare the floor plan on your own because it needs to follow some legal requirements.

Therefore, you need to hire a professional architecture and an interior designer to prepare a detailed plan for your ghost kitchen.

It’s highly recommended to work with the professionals who have already prepared floor plans for traditional restaurants and ghost kitchens because they have a better understanding of building codes and regulations.

The interior designers help with setting up a beautiful and functional space for your ghost kitchen while the architecture is responsible for making your ghost kitchen structurally sound.

Tips to hire professionals

When you’re hiring an architect or an interior designer, you need to make sure that they have a strong understanding of space planning.

Similarly, you need to ask them if they are familiar with the local building codes and regulations.

You can simply ask them for their license and registration to find out if they’re authorized to provide their services in your local area or not.

So, that’s everything you need to know and understand about Ghost Kitchen Floor Plan.

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