Ghost Kitchen EMV2 min read

EMV based chip cards are becoming a necessity of most modern-day restaurants and Ghost kitchen businesses. Most organizations have shifted to the current standards of Ghost Kitchen EMV and have proven to increase the efficiency in fraudulent payments.

The question remains though, what is this Ghost Kitchen EMV and why should we consider shifting from the standard swipe-and-sign card to this.

What is Ghost Kitchen EMV?

EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa is a new credit and debit card payment system in most European and Western countries. In fact, most of the developing countries are quickly catching up to this payment integration.

The EMV based cards use a small micro chipset that holds the information about the buyer’s account. The goal of these cards is to replace the standard “magstripe” cards which are more prone to fraud or theft.

Most countries use to prefer the name Smart cards or Chip and Pin, but they all contain a vital chipset for relevant cardholder’s data. The way it helps in the Ghost Kitchen EMV is that it can be easily processed through the most POS systems.

Why use a Ghost Kitchen EMV System?

The goal of EMV compliance is to reduce the line of theft and fraudulent so that no side will have to be in loss. Businesses that have claimed to adopt this technology experienced a significant drop in fraud.

Imagine the burden that you have to face if your Kitchen is an epicenter of a data breach. It takes a lot of expertise to clean up the mess but most small business owners handle this scenario as slim to none. It affects both your business reputation and credibility.

Any retailer who doesn’t comply with these new standards can be left on a hook for frauds and other threats. The good part here is that most of today’s standard POS systems are already EMV compatible. When a customer finds out that you’re using a secure and updated system, it always makes them feel comfortable and increases their chances of becoming a returning visitor.

How to Become Ghost Kitchen EMV Compliant?

It depends on what system you’re using in your kitchen or what affiliation type you have with the restaurant. In a generic way, here’s how you can update your system.

Update Payment Processor

Check-in with your Bank or Credit Card acquirer and request them for a proper update. Depending on the bank requirements, you have to pay for the upgrading and all the protocols.

Update your POS System

The next thing to consider is to check if your POS system is compatible with EMV complaints or not. Contact your system provider for an upgrade in the software.

Train your Staff

The last thing you have to do is to train your staff regarding all the changes and how they can operate the new complaint terminal.