Ghost Kitchen Concept3 min read

Ghost Kitchen Concept

Restaurants have been growing rampant. Business owners have been coming and going with the concept of setting up their very own fine dining establishments. Amidst this trend, a new concept has been born called the ghost kitchen. But what do we mean by ghost kitchen? If you are curious about these mysterious words, then kindly read on and discover.

What is Ghost Kitchen?

Unlike restaurants that have fancy buildings, interior designs, multiple staff, and expensive food the ghost kitchen is different. The ghost kitchen concept is food service that has no physical establishments or no dine-in service. They get orders from customers online and via calls.

The ghost kitchen goes by many names such as a virtual kitchen, dark kitchens, and cloud kitchens. Either way they are named they have the same concept and that is to prepare food and deliver them right through your doorsteps.

What does it take to set up a Ghost Kitchen?

If you are interested in setting up your very own ghost kitchen, then you have a few things to consider. Stated below are the conditions that you should take in mind before you set your ghost kitchen:

  • License

Of course for your ghost kitchen to legally operate you need a license. But we are not talking about a single license but multiple licenses (according to the legality of your area) for you to operate. Without the proper licenses to operate your ghost kitchen may be taken down.

  • Online Ordering and Delivery

Since you have a ghost kitchen that focuses on accepting orders online or calls you will be needing a credible online platform. There are business owners that set up their ghost kitchen that is linked with several online platforms for them to be visible to the customers and they will also be handling the delivery.

It’s easy to link with third party online platforms as you need only to fill details. Of course, they also have the commission depending on the food that is delivered.

  • Equipment

This is probably one the most important investment in your ghost kitchen. To cook and prepare quality foods you must also need quality equipment. Think of the essentials that a kitchen must-have and don’t be keen on investing in them.

  • Marketing

You should always have multiple ways of marketing your foodservice business. Establishing your very own accounts across all available social media accounts to widen your scope and develop your brand thus increasing your presence in the online world, benefiting your business.

  • Packaging Scheme

Since you are delivering foods, then you need to have unique and creative packaging schemes. You should also invest in the quality packaging materials as this can influence in repeat business. This is also one way of attracting potential customers and eventually repeat customers.


Consider those conditions if you want to set up your very own ghost kitchen. Among the other things, you must prioritize getting a license to operate so your business can run smoothly and with no problems.