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Ghost Kitchen Calculator

It’s quite important to monitor the ghost kitchen metrics if you want to ensure the success of your ghost kitchen in the long run.

And it can only happen if you have access to the best Ghost kitchen calculator.

There is no doubt that you can use several methods to grow the sales of your ghost kitchen but you’d still face problems with increasing the ghost kitchen profitability.

It’s like continuously working to increase your income without keeping a track of your expenses.

You can move ahead in the ghost kitchen business if you aren’t keeping an eye on the ghost kitchen metrics.

The purpose of writing this article is to talk about how you can monitor different metrics with the help of an advanced ghost kitchen calculator.

Meanwhile, the UK eating out market is dropping off. And it’s no surprise that sofa-ordering and ghost kitchens are taking over. Smartphone supremacy and new demands for consumer convenience mean restaurants need to evolve in order to keep up with the trends. As our guide shows, decisions need to be made about which marketplaces – new delivery services which deliver your restaurant’s food to the customers – you work with: Deliveroo, UberEats or all of them? Or perhaps none of them?


Cost of Goods Sold

You cannot find ways to improve the ghost kitchen profit if you are unaware of this metric.

COG is basically the amount ghost kitchens pay to the distributors.

There are 3 different elements including Starting inventory, purchases, and Ending inventory that may help with finding the most accurate COG for your ghost kitchen.

Ghost Kitchen Calculator

We recommend checking the COGs on a weekly basis at the same time.

The benefit of keeping an eye on the Cost of Goods Sold is that you can easily detect employee theft in your ghost kitchen.

Similarly, you can get an idea of food items that get wasted regularly.

The formula for checking the COG is a bit complicated. Therefore, we recommend using the Ghost kitchen calculator to find accurate results.

Prime Cost Percentage

Your accountant must be analyzing the prime cost percentage once a year.

But that’s not enough for the success of your ghost kitchen.

You need to calculate this percentage every month so you may fix the expenses on time.

Monthly wages, overtime, payroll services, bonuses, training, payroll taxes, and monthly sales are the important factors you need to consider when calculating the prime cost percentage.

It can be hard to calculate all these factors if you don’t have access to a reliable ghost kitchen calculator.

Food Cost Percentage

calculating food

Checking the food cost percentage is really important when you’re running a ghost kitchen.

The food cost percentage gives you a clear idea of the profit you’ve generated from your overall sales.

The amount that you spend on the production of different meals is eliminated from the total sales.

It can be quite easy to find out the food cost percentage if you’re regularly keeping a track of your overall expenses.

However, the ghost kitchen calculator can make your life easier so you may not have to track the expenses daily.

Ideal Menu Price

speed pizza

The best thing about the ghost kitchen calculator is that it helps with choosing the ideal price for different menu items.

It means the customers won’t get annoyed after taking a look at the prices. And you’d easily be able to generate profit from your sales.

The process of choosing the menu price can be very complicated if you’re doing it manually.

Therefore, we highly recommend using a ghost kitchen calculator for this purpose.

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