Ghost Kitchen Business Plan3 min read

Without any doubt, the ghost kitchens can be started with a small investment. But you’d still need some funds to start the ghost kitchen.

You can only convince the investors to put money into your business if you have a detailed ghost kitchen business plan. Investors always make informed decisions and they do not rely on thoughts. Therefore, you must focus on preparing a plan that may show your dedication to run the ghost kitchen.

How to Create a Ghost Kitchen Business Plan?

Depending on the type of ghost kitchen and location, you’d have to create an informative business plan. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow when writing a ghost kitchen business plan.

Executive Summary

A business plan without an executive summary is nothing but a useless piece of paper. An executive summary is the brief introduction of your business where you describe the details of your entire idea. Investors usually make the decision of reading the entire business plan after taking a look at the executive summary. So, if you failed to convince them at this stage, you won’t be able to get any investor.

The investors feel comfortable when they get a clear idea of your business plan just by taking a look at your executive summary.

Company Description

Company Description is another important part of the ghost kitchen business plan. You need to add the name and location of your ghost kitchen right at the beginning of this section. You can make a better impression by describing the experience of the owner.

Later on, you need to describe the short and long term goals in this section. It’s really important to mention in the ghost kitchen business plan that how you’d make this project successful.

Market Analysis

In the next step, you need to describe the potential of this industry. You must also add information about other ghost kitchens that are already providing services in your targeted area. You must also share information about the local restaurants because they’re also your competitors. Make sure that you add the detailed plan of how you’re going to promote your ghost kitchen in the area.


Ghost Kitchen Menu is also an important part of the ghost kitchen business plan. The menu basically describes the true value of your ghost kitchen. You don’t need to be worried if you don’t have the final version of the menu. You can simply prepare a mock-up to show the investor that you’re ready to start the job as soon as you get the funds.


The employees are the backbone of your ghost kitchen. You need to add information about the ghost kitchen management team in this section of the ghost kitchen business plan. Obviously, you won’t have the entire team selected while collecting funds for your ghost kitchen.

So, you should only include information about the individuals that are helping with setting up the business. Don’t forget to add information about how much experience they have in the industry.