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Ghost Kitchen Architecture

If your ghost kitchen architecture plan doesn’t comply with the local standards, you won’t be able to get approval from the local authorities.

Normally, the ghost kitchen owners hire a professional designer to create an appropriate architecture plan for their ghost kitchen.

The surprising part is that you can create the entire design on your own if you understand the local building rules for ghost kitchens.

Just take a visit to your local council’s office and ask the authorities about elements that can help with getting the approval.

Tips for preparing the Ghost Kitchen Architecture Plan

As the food industry continues to get hit hard by COVID-19, many restaurants have had to pivot their business models seemingly overnight. Shifting focus from dine-in operations to pick-up and delivery may seem like a daunting task amid a crisis.  Restaurants and food companies, however, are creatively streamlining and growing their takeout and delivery methods in these unprecedented times.

Steven Lovell,AIA, WDA

In this post, we’ve highlighted the most important elements that help with preparing a perfect ghost kitchen architecture plan.

Ghost Kitchen Architecture

The Entrance

The ghost kitchen owners usually don’t focus on creating an appealing entrance because they know that customers won’t come there to enjoy the food.

But you must also keep in mind that some customers still come to collect food on their own.

In this situation, they’d get a really bad impression of your ghost kitchen if you didn’t have an attractive entrance.

The entrance also leaves a great impression on the food inspectors when they visit your ghost kitchen for regular inspection.

Therefore, you must include the entrance in your ghost kitchen architecture plan when you’re working on it.

The Waiting Area

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The waiting area is one of the most important parts of the ghost kitchens because it’s a great way to facilitate the customers who’re collecting food on their own.

Even if you think the customers won’t visit your premises, you should still include the waiting area in your plan so you may facilitate the delivery of boys.

These delivery boys will recommend your services to their friends and family members after receiving such amazing treatment from you.

The Kitchen

Of course, the kitchen is the most important part of the ghost kitchen architecture plan. So, how can we exclude it from the list?

When you’re preparing the design for the kitchen, you need to make sure that it has the ability to reduce accidents while increasing the efficiency of your employees.

You need to take care of every single item that needs to be adjusted in the kitchen such as cooking area, dishwasher, dry storage, and inventory.

The chefs need to communicate with each other while preparing meals. Therefore, you must make sure that the cooking has enough open space.

If you didn’t pay attention to the cooking area, the chefs will keep bumping into each other while preparing food.

Restrooms and Changing Rooms

The common mistake that new ghost kitchen owners make is that they forget to include the Restrooms and changing rooms in the ghost kitchen architecture plan.

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You should avoid making the same mistake as it can create havoc in your ghost kitchen when you started the operations.

The staff members need to spend hours in the ghost kitchen performing their duties.

The restrooms and changing rooms are the basic requirements of the staff members. So, you cannot get approval from the local bodies if you didn’t prepare the ghost kitchen architecture accordingly.

In the end, this is all about Ghost Kitchen Architecture which is needed by most of the people to start off their Ghost Kitchen.

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