Ghost Kitchen Advertising3 min read

Ghost Kitchen Advertising is a great way to grow your customer base if you’ve just started out.

Starting a ghost kitchen means you already understand the importance of the digital world.

So, you should start promoting your business through digital platforms because it’s the future of businesses.

Things get a lot easier when you start your journey from social media platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are some popular platforms where you can find millions of food lovers.

But social media isn’t the only option for Ghost Kitchen advertising.

You can use some other ideas and ways to promote your ghost kitchen.

So, without any delay, let’s take a look at the tips to grow your Ghost Kitchen.

Set up an Attractive Menu

ghost kitchen advertising

The menu is the most important document that provides a clear overview of your services. Having an unclear and boring menu means you won’t be able to attract more customers.

You need to understand that you’re in the digital world where people always like to see something attractive and eye-catching. So, you need to fulfill their requirement by setting up an attractive menu.

We recommend hiring an expert designer to prepare a unique design for your menu. Make sure that you

use some unique names for meals and combo deals as it makes you prominent among others.

Don’t forget to use images in your menu because images can trigger the taste buds of your potential customers. And they immediately tap the “order” button to place an order.

You should not just focus on setting up an attractive food menu but you must also pay attention to the website’s menu and other aspects. An experienced web designer can help with setting up an attractive look for the website.

Food Ordering Apps

Why would you like to spend money on Ghost Kitchen advertising when you can promote your business through different food ordering apps.

Ghost Kitchen delivery channels like, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo are some popular names providing services in different parts of the world. You can simply set up an account on these apps to provide your services to the customers.

Optimize your Website

Optimizing your website is another affordable option for Ghost Kitchen advertising. The customers search for their favorite restaurants online. If you managed to achieve the top rank on Search engines, you’d be able to get more and more orders every day. And that can only happen if you properly optimize your website.

Run an online Ads

Running online ads is also very important for Ghost kitchen advertising.

It normally takes a few months or maybe years to grow your presence on the internet. It means you won’t be able to generate enough money in the first few months.

However, you start getting customers right from the day you’ve launched your ghost kitchen.

The best thing about running an online ad is that you only pay for the advertisement when someone visits your site or places an order on your site. So, it’s a cost-effective way of advertising your ghost kitchen.

Traditional advertising methods

You can also use traditional methods for ghost kitchen advertising because many people are still unaware of this new concept.

You can simply distribute pamphlets or join different events to promote your ghost kitchen.

Or purchase advertising on billboards, in circulars, magazines, or even radio spots.

We don’t recommend this because it is very difficult to track results and frankly, not as effective as online marketing.


Using some of these advertising techniques for ghost kitchens, you should be able to  get more customers for a long time and grow business consistently.