Fire Rated Infrastructure Ghost Kitchen3 min read

Fire Rated Infrastructure Ghost Kitchen

Planning for a fire rated infrastructure ghost kitchen must be one of your top priorities when you’re setting up a ghost kitchen.

It’s not just about installing a fire alarm into the building but there are several other things you need to look for when establishing a fire-rated infrastructure.

Fire Rated Infrastructure Ghost Kitchen

It’s worth knowing that you can’t get approval from the concerned authorities if your ghost kitchen doesn’t meet the local fire safety standards.

Cloud kitchens, also known as dark kitchens, virtual restaurants, ghost kitchens, and delivery-only restaurants, operate entirely from the backend. While this model saves substantial front-end costs but significant investment goes into equipping the right types of kitchen equipment.

The Resturant Times

In fact, you must always go above and beyond the limit while establishing fire rated infrastructure ghost kitchen because it’s important for the safety of your employees.

In this article, we’ve mentioned a few important elements that can help with setting up a fire rated infrastructure.

It will not only help with getting approval from the legal authorities but it will also provide you with peace of mind while you’re working within the building.

So, without wasting any time, let’s talk about how you can establish fire rated infrastructure ghost kitchen.

Provide Adequate Means of Escape

Depending on the scale and occupancy of the building, you need to provide sufficient routes of escape.

If there are any staircases or stairwells within the building, you need to make sure that they’re properly ventilated and well-maintained.

Thus, people won’t face any trouble while trying to escape during an emergency.

The open spaces can also play a vital role in dissipating the heat while preventing the fire from getting to other parts of the building.

Escape exit

Outline Clear Pathways to Exit Doors

What’s the purpose of having plenty of exits within the building when your employees can’t get to them during an emergency.

It’s a fact that the ghost kitchens are usually crowded with employees who are quite familiar with the entire infrastructure.

But some employees don’t explore the exit routes properly or some of them get confused during an emergency.

Therefore, it’s important to outline clear pathways so that everyone can easily get to the exit doors.

Usually, the directions are displayed on the walls but we recommend installing the signs on the floor.

It gets easier for the people to find their way out when they’re looking at the floor.

Install Smoke Detection Systems

Now, smoke detection systems are an important part of fire rated infrastructure ghost kitchen.

But they need to be installed carefully because you’re going to cook items that can generate a limited amount of smoke.

First of all, you need to have a proper ventilation system in the kitchen so that the smoke may not stay within the kitchen.

Secondly, you need to install the detection systems in areas where they can actually detect an emergency rather than sending false signals again and again.


Maintain Smoke Suppression Systems

The smoke suppression systems must also be included in the fire rated infrastructure ghost kitchen.

And you must pay proper attention to the maintenance of these systems to avoid emergencies within your kitchen.

We ensure you that you’d be able to enjoy a safe and sound experience if you included these elements in the fire rated infrastructure ghost kitchen.

We hope you take all the precautions mentioned above and then take these precautions and create a fireproof GhostKitchen that can help you reach your productivity goals.

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