Employee Management Systems for Ghost Kitchens3 min read

Employee Management Systems for Ghost Kitchens

Is it getting difficult to keep a track of time and attendance of your employees?

Why don’t you consider using the employee management systems for ghost kitchens?

Although the ghost kitchens don’t have a huge staff like traditional restaurants, the employee management systems for ghost kitchens can still make your life comfortable in many different ways.

We bet that you’d feel the need for the employee management system after trying to do it manually.

There is no doubt that some ghost kitchens are manually tracking the performance of their employees but it requires a lot of time and attention.

Employee Management Systems for Ghost Kitchens

Moreover, they often miss keeping a track of the employees due to which they have to argue with the employees when they need to pay them.

We recommend using employee management software for ghost kitchens as it leaves no stones unturned while keeping a track of how well your employees are performing. Employee management systems also offer solutions to increase employee engagement and ultimately impact retention.

Tools such as Performance Management provides a modern way to track and evaluate employee development. You’re able to work with employees to establish goals, make them feel valued and develop a path for their success. Because 70% of employees around the country are unengaged, having a tool in place to keep a stimulating organization is a necessity, not a ‘nice to have


With these software products, you cannot only keep track of the performance of your employees but you can also assign them different tasks based on the orders you’ve received from the customers.

There are tons of other tasks you can perform with the employee management systems such as streamlining compliance, eliminating manual rostering, achieving payroll accuracy, and tracking employee productivity.

You can also check the contact details of your employees with just a few clicks.

Best Employee Management Systems for Ghost Kitchens

We believe you’ve now learned the importance of using employee management systems for ghost kitchens.

Now, let’s talk about the best software products you can use to achieve your goals.



Homebase is an all-in-one solution for all your employee management needs.

Scheduling tasks to your employees is made a lot easier with this software.

With a single click, you can assign a specific task to an employee at your ghost kitchen.

You won’t have to stay at the restaurant throughout the day as you can now use your mobile or tablet to get an overview of the tasks different employees are managing in the kitchen.

The simplified scheduling and timesheets enable you to save a lot of time every week.

So, you can now focus on improving your services for the customers rather than wasting time on schedule changes and shift trades.

The best thing about this software is that it immediately alerts you whenever an employee hits overtime.



This employee management system is being used in traditional restaurants for years and now the ghost kitchens have also started using it to manage their workflow more intelligently.

Within a few minutes, you can create a schedule for your employees.

This software allows you to track breaks with its secure time-clocking feature.

Managing the leaves is also made easier with this software.

It means you won’t assign tasks to the employees that aren’t available for work on a specific day.

In fact, you can simply shift the tasks of that employee to another employee with just a few clicks.

These are the best employee management systems for ghost kitchens.

If you need detailed information about these products, feel free to contact us.


So that’s all about the best Employee Management Systems for Ghost Kitchens which are available for your business. To know more, click on this link here

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