Dry Storage Ghost Kitchen3 min read

Dry Storage Ghost Kitchen

The concept of using the dry storage ghost kitchen is now useless because there are now many advanced ways to preserve food.

This is something that many ghost kitchen owners believe in and it’s partially correct.

But when we dig deeper, we get to know that dry storage offers more benefits compared to the advanced methods of preserving food.

This may sound strange but it’s a proven fact. That’s why some ghost kitchen owners have already started using this method to preserve food.

It was built specifically for the concept’s model, says Joe Ferguson, vice president of development at Cousins. The design incudes a double makeline for assembling sandwiches. “We were able to double the capacity of the sandwich line by increasing the amount of equipment there, using one side for orders going out for delivery and the other for large catering orders,” he says. The layout is similar to what exists in a typical store, just larger. The facility also included double the number of fryers found in a typical Cousins location.

Caroline Perkins, Fesmag

Now, it’s your turn to make an informed decision for your ghost kitchen.

Fortunately, we’ve produced detailed information about why dry storage ghost kitchen is a better option than the advanced food preservation methods.

Hopefully, it will help with choosing the best food preserving way for your ghost kitchen.

Long Term Storage

The most remarkable thing about dry storage ghost kitchen is that you can preserve food for a long time.

When you dehydrate the food, you remove the bacteria and other harmful elements from it.

As a result, the food doesn’t rot for a long time. In most cases, you can use dehydrated food even after months.

But that’s not the case with other methods of food preservation because they can protect the food for only a few weeks or days.

Therefore, the method of dehydrating food is now getting common in most of the ghost kitchens.

In fact, the traditional restaurants and food truck owners have also started using this method to store the food.

Dry Storage Ghost Kitchen

Maintain the Nutrition

The reason why we recommend using the Dry storage ghost kitchen is that it plays a vital role in maintaining the nutrition of the food items.

The study shows that the advanced methods of food preservation remove the nutrition content from the food.

It means the food you’re producing for your customers is not adding any value to their lives. In fact, it will make them feel sick over time.

On the other hand, the dry storage ghost kitchen only removes the moisture from the food while the nutritional content stays therein.

It ensures the health of your customers. And you can continue serving them without any problem.

Another benefit of maintaining the nutritional content is that it adds more taste to your recipes.

So, it will help with attracting more customers to your ghost kitchen.

Some Basic Tips

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When you have a dry storage ghost kitchen, you need to be very careful because the food may get wasted if you didn’t follow the right protocol.

You should only provide access to your manager and the chef to enter the dry storage because it’s important to sanitize yourself before you go in there.

Make sure that you paste the guidelines on the wall so they may not forget to wash their hands and sanitize themselves before entering the dry storage.

Similarly, you need to sanitize the dehydrating equipment and the utensils that are going to be used to preserve the food.

Thus, you’d get to preserve the food for many months and it won’t ruin the taste at all.

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