Decrease Ghost Kitchen Order Mistakes3 min read

Decrease Ghost Kitchen Order Mistakes

Whether you’re owner or manager of the food business, there’s always a chance to decrease Ghost Kitchen order mistakes.

Reputation is a key not only in the food business but any other business that you’re running or planning on running shortly.

This is especially true when you’re living in a modernized world. The things you mislead on business might affect your reputation in the long run.Decrease Ghost Kitchen Order Mistakes

Now everything is publically available on the internet. A customer can easily write bad reviews for your restaurant business and ultimately, you end up spending much time fixing your mistake rather than improving your customer satisfaction.

If you want to save yourself and your business from all the misery, then follow this comprehensive guide on how you can decrease Ghost Kitchen order mistakes.

As more and more dining rooms are allowed to reopen across North America, it’s likely that the demand for delivery will be affected. But by how much? How many people will still prefer to order takeout and get it delivered versus dining in? Does that mean offering a delivery service is still worth the investment of time and resources?

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Carefully read back the order before sending it to the kitchen

Most of the time, there’s a link between the customer service team and the restaurant kitchen. The order comes into the software, from which the service team sends a template back into the kitchen.

You can decrease Ghost kitchen order mistake by up to 50% if you carefully read the order from the customer. Always double-check the order before sending it to the kitchen.

Use POS Software

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You can eliminate the chain between a customer service provider and the kitchen by using POS software.

The software takes the order from the customer and sends a ticket back to the kitchen. Here the kitchen owner can carefully look at the specified item and order them for preparation.

Use a number-based ordering system

Rather than asking the customer to place an order by name, allot them automated numbers based on your day-to-day sale. This simple point has proven to help decrease ghost kitchen order mistakes.

Make sure prices are correct

A typical restaurant uses many social media channels to engage with their customer. Customers can order from any of these channels.

They can order from a social media account, your business website, or through your smartphone app. Make sure that the prices are the same on each of these channels.

If a customer order’s something and the current price of the product is changed, you might have to provide the product in a loss.

Don’t allow customization

Order customization is a great step to increase your restaurant business credibility.

Because people love to make changes to their items. But reducing customization options in your food business will decrease ghost kitchen order mistakes by large.

If your kitchen chef won’t understand what the customer is asking, they may not deliver the required expectation of the can you decrease

Allow customer to add notes

Finally, a great step to decrease ghost kitchen order mistakes is to encourage the customer to add some extra notes while ordering.

They can add information like delivery address, what they want in their food or whatnot, or any other relevant information.

This helps build a positive image of your business in the customer’s mind.

Hey here’s what we could find on how you can decrease Ghost Kitchen Order Mistakes. We hope this article covers all the essential points required for you.

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