Dark Kitchens Deliveroo3 min read

Deliveroo is the second most popular food delivery platform after UberEats.

So, building a reputation among dark kitchens Deliveroo can get really difficult because there are many restaurants and ghost kitchens dominating this platform for a long time.

Does that mean Deliveroo isn’t the right platform for promoting your services?

Obviously not, Deliveroo is a crowded platform where you can get more customers compared to any other platform.

So, you can’t simply exclude it from your list.

The only thing is that you need to prepare a strong and effective plan if you want to build a reputation among dark kitchens Deliveroo.

This article highlights some of the important tips you can use to achieve your goals.

How to Outrank Dark Kitchens Deliveroo?

Now, without wasting any time, let’s take a look at how you can outrank dark kitchens Deliveroo.

Conduct proper research

The journey starts with conducting proper research in the industry.

You need to get an idea of how many ghost kitchens are already providing services in your area and what position they’ve secured on Deliveroo.

It may take some time to complete the research because you need to search for all the possible keywords that may help with boosting your rank.

A common mistake different dark kitchens make is that they only search for the popular keywords and then start their struggle to improve their ranking.

You’d probably be able to outrank a few competitors with this technique.

But if you’re seriously concerned about outranking the top competitors, you need to search for all the possible keywords that come to your mind.

In fact, there are several keyword research tools you can use in this regard.

The benefit of targeting multiple keywords is that you gradually move the top spot and you can maintain your position for a long time.

Identify the mistakes of your Competitors

No matter how strong your competitor is, they must be making some mistakes that can give you the opportunity to outrank them.

Sometimes, the top-ranked kitchens avoid paying attention to social media engagements believing that it’s not useful anymore.

Similarly, some ghost kitchens don’t interact with their customers on different platforms due to which the customers don’t order food from them.

You might be thinking the social media engagements have nothing to do with the Deliveroo rankings but it’s not the truth.

The fact is that social media engagements and customer retention are the most important factors that can boost your ranking among dark kitchens Deliveroo.

Optimize your Profile

Once you’ve identified the mistakes of your competitors, you can start optimizing your profile accordingly.

Even if you didn’t find a mistake on your competitor’s profile, you need to make sure that your profile is fully compatible with the ranking criteria of Deliveroo.

It’s a useful approach for building your reputation among dark kitchens Deliveroo.

Free Giveaways

The bleeding is really important in the online business because there are many others trying to win the game.

With free giveaways, you can give a taste of your services to the customers. If they liked your services, they’d start ordering food from you.

As a result, your ranking will increase and you’d be able to outrank your top competitors.