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Commissary Hub Ghost Kitchen

So, you need information about how Commissary Hub Ghost Kitchen works?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because this article shares detailed information about how these businesses work.

The commissary hubs are usually located in the prime locations and they’re structured like a warehouse.

But inside the building, cooking, packaging and other food-related services are being conducted.

The best thing about commissary hubs is that they bring different food brands together while providing them with enough space to manage their work.

The trailer, along with a few others in San Francisco, is operated by Reef Technology, a startup based in Miami. According to marketing materials, Reef creates “thriving hubs for the on-demand economy” by “reimagining the common parking lot.” By bringing in utilities like electricity, gas, and water, and setting up “proprietary containers,” the company hopes to turn parking lots into reconfigurable community hubs.


It means McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, and Subway are working under the same roof to produce meal for you.

Well, that was just an example to explain how a Commissary Hub Ghost Kitchen Work.

Commissary Hub Ghost Kitchen

Structure of a Commissary Hub Ghost Kitchen

Here is the information about how commissary hubs entertain different brands at a time.


Robotics and Automation

Right in the beginning the POS systems and other technologies are installed for the ghost kitchens.

These machines simply collect orders from different mediums and send details to the relevant kitchen.

Baking Machine

Right next to the POS systems, the baking equipment is installed that different kitchens can use to prepare the meal.

This part of the kitchen is particularly designed for kitchens that serve baked food to the customers.

If someone is offering multiple services to the customers, they can simply book different slots on different sections.

Refrigeration & Freezing

The next section is usually used for refrigeration and freezing.

The authorities usually store the required equipment in the freezers to avoid any kind of mess.

However, the kitchens can book a limited space in the freezers to store some specific items.

These are usually the walk-in refrigerators where you get enough space for storing the food items.

Meat Prep and processing

Meat prep and processing sections are located in a separate location so they may not affect the quality of the rest of the food.

As we’ve mentioned, the commissary hub ghost kitchen provides ample space for different brands.

It means the vegetarian and non-vegetarian businesses are operating under the same roof.

Vegetarians are quite sensitive about their food and they can’t even bear the smell of meat sometimes.

Therefore, the commissary hub ghost kitchens provide a separate section for businesses that prepare meat.

Plant-Based Kitchens

The plant-based kitchens also get ample space for preparing their meals.

The best part is that they also get a separate space in the refrigeration section so that the quality of food may not get affected.

Thus, both the veg and non-veg ghost kitchens can operate under the same roof without worrying about food quality.

Packaging and Holding

happy packed foood

And finally, the section comes where the prepared food is packed and held for delivery.

Sometimes, the customers collect the food by themselves but most of the customers order food through food delivery apps.

So, the delivery guy comes and collects the food from the packaging section.

The ghost kitchens can enjoy comfort as they won’t have to worry about packing the food.

The experts are there to take care of this aspect on your behalf.

So that’s all about Commissary Hub Ghost Kitchen. If you wanna read more about such types of topics related to Ghost Kitchens, feel free to click on this link here.

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