Commercial Exhaust Hood Ghost Kitchen3 min read

Commercial Exhaust Hood Ghost Kitchen

When you’re starting a ghost kitchen, you’re completely aware of cooking appliances you may need in your kitchen.

But when you’re choosing the commercial exhaust hood ghost kitchen, you might face some trouble because it’s not your cup of tea.

You must be really good at cooking delicious meals. That’s why you’ve decided to start a ghost kitchen.

But you can run the process smoothly if there isn’t a commercial exhaust hood ghost kitchen installed in the kitchen.

Exhaust hood basically ensures the proper airflow in your ghost kitchen so that the workers may not feel exhausted due to bad air quality.

Commercial Exhaust Hood Ghost Kitchen

Importance of installing the Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Ghost Kitchen

It’s important to choose an exhaust hood that can accommodate the needs of your kitchen.

Here is some information about why you should use an exhaust hood for your ghost kitchen.

The first, and most important, step is to specify a highly efficient exhaust hood. The amount of air that’s exhausted establishes the foundation for the entire commercial kitchen ventilation design. Getting this right makes the rest of the system design that much easier and more efficient. For a typical restaurant the best path to a high-efficiency hood is to have it designed based upon the heat load of the cooking equipment. Sophisticated modeling tools can be used to define the minimum exhaust based upon the heat the appliances generate rather than simply following a cfm-per-foot rule of thumb.


Fire Suppression

Normally, we use several cooking appliances in the kitchen that consistently produce grease and smoke.

The local government won’t let you continue your business if you don’t have a quality exhaust hood in your kitchen.

It’s considered to be helpful for fire suppression. Therefore, you must consider installing it while building the ghost kitchen.

Removing Harmful Elements

You’re responsible for the health and safety of your staff, therefore, you must take steps to remove smoke from the kitchen.

And that can only happen if you have installed the commercial exhaust hood ghost kitchen.

The customers, who’ve come to collect food on their own, will also be affected by the smoke if you didn’t remove it on time.

Similarly, your staff can only continue doing their job if the environment is cool enough for them.

Excessive heat won’t let them perform their jobs properly due to which your overall business will be affected.

Thanks to the commercial exhaust hood that constantly removes the heat from the kitchen so that everyone may work therein comfortably.

Controlling Odors

The cooking odors need to be removed from the kitchen on time otherwise, it may lead to a huge problem.

These odors do not only create problems for the staff but they also affect the freshness of food ingredients.

By installing a commercial exhaust hood ghost kitchen, you can stay safe from these odors.

Fire suppresion

Things to consider

Here is the information about things one should consider when choosing the commercial exhaust hood ghost kitchen.

Hood design working

Exhaust Rate

The amount of grease, smoke, and heat, you produce in the ghost kitchen helps with determining the right exhaust rate.

For instance, the exhaust rate will be high if you cook fatty foods in your kitchen.

Similarly, you need to consider other elements to find the right exhaust rate for your kitchen.

You can take help from ventilation experts when choosing the commercial exhaust hood ghost kitchen.

Hood Design

There are 3 different types of exhaust hoods available in the market such as proximity hoods, Island Canopy hoods, and Wall-mounted Canopy Hoods.

You must consider choosing the type of hood that is perfectly suitable for your kitchen’s overall design.

That’s how Commerical Exhaust Hood ghost Kitchen works. here are some other cool articles that will give you a better idea of kitchen Hood.

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