Cloud Kitchen3 min read

Akin to the progress of society is the progress of trends.

Businesses such as restaurants have been thinking of “outside-of-the-box” ideas to keep their business running.

Cloud Kitchen or “ghost kitchen” concepts seek to continue that trend.

Some of their ideas are flunked, while some of the work.

Have you ever heard of cloud kitchen?

If you don’t, then get ready to get your mind blown, do me a favor and read on.

What is a Cloud Kitchen?

Common restaurants cater to people with dine-in and take out the concept.

They also accept orders online and via call, and all the customers have to do is to wait for their orders to be delivered right to their doorsteps.

The difference of cloud kitchen to these restaurants is that they do not offer dine-in experience, what they will do is to prepare your ordered food and deliver them right at your doorsteps.

Usually, people who are into this kind of business are linked to food ordering portals. These portals are the way for their customers to reach them.

Truly the concept of cloud kitchen is the product of ingenuity because you will not be needing a huge amount of money to start it.

Advantages of Cloud Kitchen

Cloud kitchen offers a lot of advantages to willing investors in the foodservice industry.

To give you an idea they are stated below.

Please keep in mind that this article is going to be updated over time, and we will be adding new content here as this industry matures.

Low Operational Investment

cloud kitchen

Standard restaurants that offer dine-in services need to have physical stores or establishments.

This totally means that owners will be needing a huge sum of money to make this possible.

And the fact that establishing a restaurant takes months before it becomes functional.

Not only that but you will also be spending money on the interiors, supplies and other operational costs required for the benefit of the restaurant.

With Cloud kitchen you will only be using low operational cost as your house can become your very own cooking place.

With no dine-in service, you will not need the use of any physical store. No real-estate costs will be paid because you can use the comfort of your homes thus focusing the operational costs on the food.

Update: Coronavirus COVID-19 and Hygiene Concerns

Many will be looking to sanitary and high quality delivery options due to the newfound concerns caused by coronavirus’ expansion across the world.

As people become more aware of bacterial and viral infections from the food industry , more people will find Ghost Kitchen options as appealing.

New Trend

Basically speaking the trend of restaurants is slowly fading. 

Customers nowadays order their food online and eat at their homes.

This is where cloud kitchen can be advantageous rack up some profit because it fits the new trend.

Food Quality

Since restaurants have many bills to cover they will be needing to focus their funds on paying them. Thus this takes away their funds on the quality of food they are serving.

Cloud Kitchen Delivery

Contrast to the idea of the cloud kitchen which has low operational cost and those funds are accurately focused on the food.

Since there are more funds allocated for the food, they can upgrade the quality thus making every customer happy.

Conclusion on The Cloud Kitchen Phenomena

Cloud kitchen is a good idea for those home cooks who do not have the financial resources to set up their very own restaurants.

The idea of the cloud kitchen does not influence the market share of the other restaurants negatively instead they are expanding the existing available markets.

This  will greatly benefit not just the food service industry but the whole.