Cloud Kitchen Model3 min read

Cloud Kitchen Model

Cloud Kitchen Model

Cloud Kitchen models aren’t very hard to understand.

In fact, with the rise in competition among the food space industry has brought upon the demand for utilizing the need for some of the latest ideas in this evergrowing business of take-away food delivery.

Cloud kitchen, a newly disrupted concept has sneaked in the food industry from the back door. The way investors are supporting cloud kitchen startups is something to study. Reports suggest that the Cloud kitchen concept is marching ahead at the highest CAGR among the other segment in the restaurant industry.

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So how does the Cloud Kitchen Model work

Cloud Kitchen Model

To know about how does a Cloud Kitchen Model actually works.

One may need to know about what exactly is a  cloud kitchen.

Well, for everyone new to this terminology, a cloud kitchen is not like any typical restaurant, for instance, it does not have any physical space for fine out.

It only follows the procedure to takeaway deliveries.

Let’s look at a simple Cloud Kitchen Model of a working delivery-only restaurant.

Order The taking

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The starting process of any cloud kitchen would require the knowledge of being able to collect orders.

This is due to the fact that a lot of restaurants already provide this service.

And being a cloud kitchen owner, one must understand to specialize in their Order taking process.

This may turn out to be successful by using a Call center Panel or being available 24*7 online with a robust public order system.

Another simple way for those who cannot take calls every minute is to simply engage one’s outlet with any online delivery platforms like Swiggy, Uber Eats any integrate the business on their website.

This will ensure proper delivery along with proper billing.

Processing the Order

After you are done taking the order, its time to process the order.

Remember as you are running a takeout service.

This implies that you must create a brand that resembles our taste.

And to create a unique taste that can be maintained, investing in a good chef with a task management schedule app is very beneficial.

These schedules along with a  kitchen Display will help your chef to keep track of the orders and engage your staff to work in stipulated time.

The staffing of the Kitchen

Although you may not require the regular waiters and casual staff on your team.

But you do need to acquire the people that stay connected with your customers to take the order.

The chefs to create the order and the delivery people who will deliver the order.

These are a must. Also, it is wise to test the Chef in terms of their quality to prepare the food in accordance with the brand.

Not every chef can be designated for all brands.

Everybody has their own specialty.  In addition to this, if you have the budget then it will be wise to hire a few kitchen helpers to assist with the orders.

cloud kitxchen

Managing Supplies

Next up in the  Cloud Kitchen Model is managing Supplies and the suppliers.

As these can differ between a single establishment that delivers all the essentials to different suppliers of each brand.

Usually, finalizing the supplies for cloud kitchens is quite similar to that of any commercial restaurant.

So check whether your supplier can provide the same level of quality for every order.

Whether he is punctual or not and most importantly if he charges righteously in terms of the quality that he delivers.

In addition to this, you may also need to know about finalizing the necessary items of essentials for your kitchen.


So that’s all the required knowledge one must gather in order to create a Cloud Kitchen Model.

If you are satisfied with the knowledge about this type of Kitchen Model, feel free to click on this link.

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