stealth kitchens

Stealth Kitchens

If you’re familiar with the new stealth kitchen trend in the home, you’d easily be able to understand the concept of Stealth Kitchens. The stealth kitchen we design in our home is hidden from the eyes of visitors. It’s basically like a cabinet and you can access the entire kitchen by opening the cabinet. The …

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Virtual Kitchens

If you’re unable to decide whether virtual kitchens are worth the investment or not, you can get a satisfactory answer here. The virtual kitchens come with some amazing benefits that cannot be found in traditional kitchens. That’s the virtual kitchens have become really popular over a short span of time. It’s time you should consider …

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Commissary Kitchen

Commissary Kitchen

The trend of commissary kitchens became popular when the food truck owners started realizing that they cannot run their business smoothly due to the lack of storage space. This is where these kitchens played their role by providing enough storage space to the food truck owners. These kitchens are not just limited to mobile food …

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Ghost Kitchens Uber

Ghost Kitchens Uber

Ghost Kitchens Uber started getting popular when Uber Eats jumped into this business back in 2018. The company has a goal of making huge profits while offering crazy discounts to customers. They initially started their operations in Paris because they wanted to test the profitability of this business. Everything was going very well but they …

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